b'124 HealthBEST SELLER! BEST SELLER! Salem Health:Genetics & Inherited ConditionsSecond EditionEdited by Gary M. Flashner, M.D. and Deanna M. Neff, MPHLibraries that purchased Encyclopedia of Genetics (2002) may wish to add this new title for its more extensive focus on diseases and syndromes. CHOICETop 75 Community College Resources CHOICE, October 2018Salem Health: Genetics & Inherited Conditions includes nearly 500 essays on diseases, biology, techniques, methodologies, genetic engineering, biotechnology, ethics, and social issues. Written for non-specialists by professors and professional medical writers, this comprehensive reference publication will interest health-care consumers, premedical students, public library patrons, and librarians building scientific collections. This second edition has been completely revised to include the latest developments in genetics, including the discovery of new genes that will help treat muscular dystrophy, Alzheimers disease, heart disease, and certain cancers.Essays on diseases and inheritedFREEconditions discuss Risk Factors, Etiology and Genetics of this Disorder, Symptoms, Online Access Screening and Diagnosis, Treatment and Therapy, and Prevention and Outcomes. All other FREE types of essays begin with a statement of significance, provide a list of key terms and their definitions, and feature topical subheadings to guide readers through the text. The encyclopedia also includes sidebars and photos that expand on key aspects of the topic.In addition, the final volume offers six appendixes and two indexes: a Biographical Dictionary of Geneticists, a list of Nobel Prizes for Discoveries in Genetics, a Timeline of Major Developments in Genetics, a Glossary, a general Bibliography, relevant Websites, a personages index of important figures in the field, and a comprehensive subject index. December 2017 | Three Volumes; 1,236 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-603-0 | Library Price: $395Salem Health:NutritionEdited by Sharon Richman, MSPT; Dawn Ortiz, MSRDThis useful encyclopedia, part of the Salem Health series, will help those seeking answers. The three volumes are logically organized by broad subject areas, andeach contains a complete table of contents, making it easy to locate information.The accessibility of information, wide variety of subjects, and ease of use makethis a good resource for public and consumer-health libraries. BooklistThis informative three-volume set offers researchers a one-stop source for comprehensive, easy-to-understand information on all aspects of human nutrition. This set is designed to inform users about healthy eating, the nutritional value of various foods, diets, eating disorders, dietary conditions and disorders, and so much more. Salem Health: Nutrition provides in-depth articles on 300 topics arranged into broad subject areas. Designed for high school, undergraduate and public libraries, entries are written in clear, understandable language to provide researchers with accessible, updated information important to gain an understanding of the many areas of human nutrition. Written by healthcare experts, the entries in Salem Health: Nutrition offer a comprehensiveFREEoverview of a wide variety of topics, including: Online AccessHEALTH Dietary ConditionsDietary GuidelinesDietsFREE Eating DisordersEthnic & Cultural References Foods Healthy EatingNutrition Best PracticesVitamins & Minerals ObesitySkills & ChecklistsSupplements Nutritional Health by Age GroupsNovember 2016 | Three Volumes; 954 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-135-6 | Library Price: $395eBooks are also available - visit www.salempress.com for more informationGET ONLINE ACCESS(800) 221-1592 WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.salempress.com'