b'Health 123Salem Health:NEW!BEST SELLER!Integrative,Alternative &Complementary MedicineSecond Edition Edited by Paul Moglia, Ph.D.Due to the growing popularity of complementary and alternative medicine, this work is recommended for both academic and medium to large public libraries.ARBAThis second edition brings together comprehensive and up-to-date information on all aspects of complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine, both past and present, providing contemporary medical perspectives on the controversial and sometimes confusing integrative field.Written in easy-to-understand language, Salem Health: Integrative, Alternative & Complementary Medicine provides authoritative, essential information onFREE the fields of complementary medicine (used in addition to traditional medicine),alternative medicine (used instead of traditional medicine) and integrative NEW!Online AccessFREEmedicine (a combination of the two). The set is designed for general readersand offers a unique perspective on this growing and evolving field. Over 700 topics are discussed in this new edition.All essays have been AT A GLANCEreviewed and updated, and many new topics have been added to include recent scholarship on these ever-expanding fields. Coverage includes: Four Volumes AcupunctureAromatherapy700+ Articles Crystal HealingDetoxificationGlossary Herbal MedicineMagnet Therapy150+ Sidebars and Tables ProbioticsQigong Chinese Herbal MedicineVegan Diets and other nutritional approachesResources Yoga & Spiritual HealingVitamins & Mineral SupplementsSubject Index CannabisGeneral BibliographyThis four-volume set also includes the history of complementary and alternative medicine,List of Websites & Organizationsbiographies of significant individuals in these fields, and the controversy surrounding use of non-traditional medicines and approaches. Personages IndexEssays include an Overview, Mechanism of Action, Uses and Applications, Scientific Evidenceand Further Reading. The set includes ample use of sidebars, illustrations, and photographs to support the text. Salem Health: Integrative, Alternative & Complementary Medicine includesseveral appendixes, and Category, and Subject indexes.Written for non-specialists by medical professionals, professors in science and medicine, and medical writers, these essays will interest students ofHEALTHcomplementary, alternative, and integrative medicine; Eastern medicine and philosophy, life science and alternative health practices; public library patrons; and librarians building collections in alternative medicine, general medicine, and life science.September 2020 | Four Volumes; 1,700 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-64265-701-2 | Library Price: $495GET ONLINE ACCESS(800) 221-1592 WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.salempress.com'