b'Health 121Salem Health:NEW! Spring 2022Magills Medical Guide Ninth EditionBEST SELLER! Ninth Edition Its seldom that I can unreservedly recommend a product for all M AG I L L Slibraries everywhere. I certainly can for Salem Health. An extraordinarySALEM HEALTHMEDICAL reference resource.Library Journal eReviewsRecommended for public libraries, special libraries, and academicG U I D Elibraries. BooklistThis work has a place in all reference collections. CHOICECovers diseases, disorders, treatments,Volume 1: AbdomenChronic Wasting Disease procedures, specialties, anatomy, biology, and issues in an A-Z format, with sidebars addressing recent developments in medicine.Libraries of all sizes have relied on Magills Medical Guide since 1995 for accessible yet authoritative information on important aspects of the medical field, including diseases, disorders, anatomy, biology, treatments, procedures, and medical specialties, to name a few. Bridging the gap between medical encyclopedias and dictionaries designed for professionals and popular self-help publications written for the general public, Magills Medical Guide is an up-to-date and easy-to-use compendium of medical FREE information suitable for student research and general readers, includingNEW!Online Accesspatients and caregivers. The Guide is a staple in high school, college, FREEpublic, and medical school libraries.A perfect mix of accessibility and depth, Magills Medical Guide is an authoritative reference. It isan up-to-date and easy-to-use compendium of medical information suitable for high school andAT A GLANCEundergraduate research, as well as general readers, including patients and caregivers.5 Volumes; 3,000 PagesUpdated and new content in this ninth edition address new treatments, psychology, diseases, and 1,350 Entriesurgent health concerns, including Air Pollution and Mental Illness, Antimicrobial Resistance, COVID-19, 700+ Sidebars and TablesHealth Equity, the ImmuNexUT Database, Internet-Connected Medical Device Security, Nanotraps, Noncommunicable Diseases, Pharmaceutical Pricing, and much more.In addition, all existing entries 400+ Photographs and Illustrationswere reviewed by our team of medical experts to make sure that the most recent information on disorders List of Symptoms & Warning Signsand treatments is included in this new edition. GlossaryBalancing accessibility with in-depth information, entries are arranged in an easy-to-use A -Z format and written for a general audience. For each disease and disorder, a concise information box lists causes, List of 900+ Diseases and Othersymptoms, duration, and treatments, acting as a quick reference tool for the reader. Hundreds of Medical Conditionssidebars, tables, photographs and illustrations help readers better understand the content. Pharmaceutical ListSpecial features of this set include the Complete List of Contents at the beginning of each volume Health Care Providers Listand Entries by Specialties and Related Fields, and Entries by Anatomy or System Affected at the end of each volume. Volume 5 contains a Glossary of medical terms, a table of important Symptoms General Bibliographyand Warning Signs, an annotated guide to nearly 700 Diseases and Other Medical Conditions, a Resources List of OrganizationsPharmaceutical List with both generic and brand names, a list of Medical Journals by their standard List of Entries by Anatomy HEALTH title abbreviations, a General Bibliography, a helpful Resources list, a Web Site Directory, a Nameor System AffectedIndex of important figures in medicine, and a comprehensive subject index. Subject IndexApril 2022 | Five Volumes, 3,200 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-63700-107-3 | Library Price: $495List of Entries by Specialties and Related FieldsGET ONLINE ACCESS(800) 221-1592 WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.salempress.com'