b'Literature NOTABLE WRITERS11Notable Writers of NEW! Fall 2021 Third Editionthe American West & LITERATUREthe Native American Experience Notable Writers of the This new title features the works of several categories of North American writers. Many American West & the Native tell the spirited tales of the American West, describing life in the North American frontier as it moved from its earliest border at the Appalachian Mountain range through WestwardAmerican Experienceexpansion to the Pacific coastline. Others write or speak of their rich, varied experiences as members of First People Nations. Each story takes its place in history, part of the development and narrative of America. NOTABLE WRITERS This volume provides both an overview of and a more in-depth context to the stories of over 100 acclaimed writers. Each entry includes a comprehensive overview of each authors biography and literary career as well as a ready-reference listing of their major works in all genres.Writers in this volume include: Cormac McCarthy; Black Elk; Black Hawk; Sherman Alexie; Leslie Marmon Silko; Janet Campbell Hale; Paul Gunn Allen; Vine Deloria; James Fennimore Cooper; Larry McMurtry; Willa Cather; Kit Carson; Mark Twain, Stephen Crane; Louis LAmour; N. Scott Momaday; Louise Erdrich; James Welch; Joy Harjo; Charles Eastman; John Joseph Mathews; Linda Hogan; Tommy Pico; and Tommy Orange.Each essay identifies the writers major genres, and birth and death dates and places.The set also includes a Chronological List of Authors; Genre Index; Title Index; Subject Index; and dozens of photographs. Designed to introduce readers at the high school and FREE university level to the rich world of Native American literature and the vivid literature of theNEW!Online AccessAmerican West, this collection provides students with careful research and resources toFREEfurther explore these rich literary traditions.October 2021 | 1 Volume; 350 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-63700-004-5 | Library Price: $175NEW! Fall 2021Notable Crime Fiction WritersThis two-volume title features the best crime writersboth classic and contemporary. An incredibly popular genre, crime fiction encompasses both mystery (whodunit) stories which keep readers in suspense, and detective fiction which is usually marked bya struggle between good (the law) and evil (the criminal). Using the Critical Survey of Mystery & Detective Fiction as a foundation, this new edition features a combination of brand new and updated essays. Each of the more than 300 essays includes a comprehensive overview of the lives of the featured author as well as a detailed lookat his or her significant works. Coverage includes the following classic and morerecent crime writers: Raymond Chandler Edgar Allen Poe Agatha ChristieDashiell Hammett Megan Abbott Mary Higgins Clark Gillian Flynn Shirley Jackson J. K. RowlingSteig Larsson Anne Perry Attica LockeIn addition to essays on individual writers, Notable Crime Fiction Writers includes a number of new essays that surveygroups of writers who are not treated at length in their own essay. Survey essays cover crime writers whose detectives fall into various groups, including LGBTQ detectives, African American detectives, Asian detectives, Scandinavian detectives, and detectives with disabilities.All individual writer essays are clearly separated into three parts: Contribution indicates the authors unique place in mystery and detective fiction; Biography summarizes the authors life, specifically events that led or contributed to their writing; and Analysis provides an overview of the authors work, detailing themes, motifs and style. Additional features include birth/death dates, pseudonyms, type of plots, lists of significant works, FREE and annotated bibliography. Back matter includes Terms & Techniques, Crime FictionNEW!Online AccessJargon, Timeline of Crime & Detective Fiction, and several indexes.FREEAugust 2021 | 2 Volumes; 600 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-63700-031-1 | Library Price: $225GET ONLINE ACCESS(800) 221-1592 WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.salempress.com'