b'Careers CAREERS & VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE 101Careers in Financial Services Careers in Financial Services BEST SELLER!VIEW THIS BOOKONLINEA useful resource for teachers, guidance counselors, and students.Recommended. ARBAhttps://online.salempress.com Careers inStudents interested in a career in financial services have an incredibly wide variety of career options. This volume isFinancial Servicesdesigned to provide need-to-know information on careers in this growing field, including Financial Analyst, Trader, Compliance Officer, Quantitative Analyst, Portfolio Manager, Loan Officer, Venture Capitalist, and Accountant. FromAreas with the Highest Employment Levels to Earnings & Advancements, and A Day in the Life, these informativeprofiles give those interested in this wide-ranging field new insight into their many career options.September 2017 | One Volume; 370 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-595-8 | Library Price: $125 4919 Route 22, PO Box 56 S PARLEESMSAFREE Phmoennei:a 5 N1Y8 -7182590-81700 | 800-562-2139Fawx:w 8.g4r5e-y3h7o3u-s6e3.6co0m | | b booookkss@@gsraelyehmopursees.sc.ocommwwww.salempress.com Online AccessCareers Overseas FREEOffers practical advice to those interested in working internationally. Recommended. ARBA BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER!For those looking to relocate overseas, or who want to see the world as they embark on their career, Careers Overseas is designed to provide need-to-know information on the wide variety of career paths, including the Peace Corps, English Teacher, Construction Worker, Medical Staff, the Armed Forces, Diplomat, Community Project Staff, and Travel Writer. Detailed and accessible chapters provide real-world information about the Work Environment, A Day in the Life, Networking Contacts, Conversations with Real Professionals, Education & Training, Earnings & Advancement, Employment Outlook, and more.November 2017 | One Volume; 514 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-597-2 | Library Price: $125FREE Careers in the Arts: Fine, Performing & Visual Online AccessFREEThe straightforward, positive approach to the material will engage high school students, university students, and other readers considering entry into the arts field.ARBA Music, dance, cinematography, costume design, and morestudents interested in a career in the arts have an incredibly wide variety of options when selecting a career path, such as Actor, Dancer, Camera Operator, Costume Designer, Makeup Artist, Art Director, Stage Manager and Music Director.Readers will find real-world informationon Networking Contacts, Areas with the Highest Employment Levels, Education & Training, Earnings & Advancement, Employment Outlooks, and helpful Conversations with Real Artists and Professionals.March 2017 | One Volume; 400 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-320-6 | Library Price: $125Careers in Sports & FitnessFREECAREERSOnline AccessAn excellent resource for those who are thinking about a career in any sports-oriented field andFREEwould be a valuable addition to any high school or college library.ARBA Jobs in the sports industry are growing at a pace more than double that of the national average. Students with an interest in the sports field have a wide variety of options in professional sports, sports equipment, and the sports management industries, including Athletic Trainer, Branding Expert, Facility Manager, Sports Agent, Professional Athlete, Promoter, Referee, and Talent Scout. This is the information that students and researchers need when they CAREERS & VOCATIONAL GUIDANCEare considering a career in sports and fitness, including Conversations with Real Professionals, Education & Training, Earnings & Advancement, and Areas with the Highest Employment Levels.May 2017 | One Volume; 319 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-322-0 | Library Price: $125Careers in Information TechnologyFREE Online AccessThe transition, clarity, organization, and reader-friendly writing style facilitate reader comprehension FREEand learning. [It] offers high school and undergraduate audiences a well-balanced and thoughtful resource. Public libraries and community colleges will also benefit.ARBA Employment in all computer occupations is expected to increase by 12% by 2028. This volume examines 25 potential career paths in information technology, including Computer Engineer, Computer Programmer, Robotics Technician, Database Administrator, Information Security Analyst, and Web Administrator. This is the place to turn for detailed,real-world information on careers in information technology. Readers will find helpful data on Education & Training, Earnings & Advancement, Work Environment, Networking Contacts, Areas with the Highest Employment Levels, Conversations with Real Professionals, and so much more.November 2016 | One Volume; 330 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-148-6 | Library Price: $125See Also: Principles of Information Technology, pg. 107FREE Online AccessFREEGET ONLINE ACCESS(800) 221-1592 WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.salempress.com'