The 2000s May 2018 1 volume; 600 pages 978-1-68217-716-7 Library Price: $160 NEW! NEW! This is Who We Were provides the reader with a deeper understanding of day-to-day life in America during a particular decade. This new series is sure to be of value as both a serious research tool for students of American history as well as an intriguing climb up America’s family tree. The richly illustrated text provides an interesting way to study a truly unique time in American history. Personal Profiles: Over 25 in-depth Personal Profiles examine the lives of individuals and families who lived during the decade. Each profile details life at home, at work and in the community. Historical Snapshots: This section includes lists of important “firsts” for America, from technical advances and political events to new products and top-selling books. Combining serious American history with fun facts, these snapshots present, in chronological categories, an easy-to-read overview of what happened in that decade. Economy of the Times: This section looks at a wide range of economic data, including food, clothing, transportation, housing and other selected prices, with reprints of actual advertisements for products and services of the time. A fascinating inside look at the economic picture of the time. All Around Us - What We Saw, Wrote, Read & Listened To: This section includes reprints of newspaper and magazine articles, letters, posters, and others items designed to help the reader focus on what was on the minds of Americans in each decade. Census Summary & Comparison Data: This section includes state-by-state comparative tables and demographic trends for metropolitan areas from the decade. This dynamic new series will benefit a wide range of academic and personal research and curriculum needs. A truly unique and interesting look at what American life was like, these volumes will be an important acquisition for high school, public and academic libraries as well as social science and history reference collections. The 1900s March 2017 1 volume; 600 pages 978-1-68217-351-0 Library Price: $160 The 1910s October 2014 1 volume; 600 pages 978-1-61925-177-9 Library Price: $160 The 1920s July 2014 1 volume; 600 pages 978-1-61925-284-4 Library Price: $160 Companion to the 1940 Census (1930-1939) August 2012 1 volume; 600 pages 978-1-61925-007-9 Library Price: $160 This is Who We Were series from Grey House Publishing All volumes include Free Online Access on the Salem Press Platform! THIS IS WHO WE WERE FROM GREY HOUSE History 1880-1899 March 2015 1 volume; 600 pages 978-1-61925-755-9 Library Price: $160 FREE Online Access FREE The 1940s October 2015 1 volume; 600 pages 978-1-61925-741-2 Library Price: $160 The 1950s May 2013 1 volume; 600 pages 978-1-61925-179-3 Library Price: $160 The 1970s January 2016 1 volume; 500 pages 978-1-61925-749-8 Library Price: $160 The 1980s October 2016 1 volume; 600 pages 978-1-61925-934-8 Library Price: $160 The 1960s October 2013 1 volume; 600 pages 978-1-61925-248-6 Library Price: $160 The 1990s August 2017 1 volume; 600 pages 978-1-68217-379-4 Library Price: $160 “This brilliant book looks at the 1910s from the standpoint of American lives and families. It considers various experiences of people on the job and in their neighborhoods… …This outstanding study belongs in all libraries with extensive holdings in social science and history.” –Library Journal (The 1910s) “A helpful resource for students from middle school through high school and beyond because it makes accessible in one place a wealth of interesting and useful information.” –ARBA “This wonderful study of what America was like in the 20 years leading up to the 20th century belongs in libraries with extensive holdings in social science and history. It will interest the individual scholar and general reader alike.” –Library Journal RECENT RECENT (800) 221-1592 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! THIS IS WHO WE WERE FROM GREY HOUSE HISTORY 82