Literature CRITICAL INSIGHTS: THEMES   CRITICAL INSIGHTS The Slave Narrative Edited by Kimberly Drake   CRITICAL INSIGHTS Violence in Literature Edited by Stacy Peebles BEST SELLER! NEW! NEW! BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER! Rebellion This volume explores the history, themes, styles, and forms of rebellion in literature. It focuses on defining works, especially from British and American writers such as Melville, Dickinson, Shelley, and Amis. Authors represented are diverse in gender and ethnicity as well as in their economic, spiritual, and political orientations. November 2017 | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-557-6 | $105 Russia’s Golden Age The Golden Age refers to literature in nineteenth-century Russia—an unrivaled, rapidly evolving period of literary development, out of which emerged some of the most famous Russian authors in the West: Fyodor Dostoevsky, Lev Tolstoy and Anton Chekhov. Presenting a diverse range of essays, this text considers the critical responses to these works and explores its cultural and historical contexts. January 2014 | Print ISBN: 978-1-61925-222-6 | $105 The Slave Narrative This volume analyzes the more widely read slave narratives, including those by Frederick Douglass, Harriet Jacobs, and Solomon Northup, but also relatively lesser-known narratives, such as neo-slave narrative novels and slave narratives about slavery outside the U.S. Individual chapters provide researchers with a wide range of approaches to the slave narrative genre, from its origins to the present day. April 2014 | Print ISBN: 978-1-61925-397-1 | $105 Social Justice and American Literature Social Justice and American Literature examines the work of Richard Wright, Amy Lowell, Philip Roth, Kate Chopin and James Baldwin among others. Themes that are dealt with are: gender and feminism; gay writers; Native American, Asian American, and Hispanic/Border writers; Appalachian and socio- economic justice. November 2017 | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-565-1 | $105 Southern Gothic Literature One of the few book-length surveys of the genre, this volume offers a collection of original essays that present Southern Gothic as a field of study within American literature. Coverage includes poetry, plays, and novels from established writers, such as Edora Welty, Flannery O’Conner, Carson McCullers, and Cormac McCarthy. March 2013 | Print ISBN: 978-1-4298-3823-8 | $105 Southwestern Literature Novels of the American Southwest most often deal with battles between man and the desert landscape, quests of Manifest Destiny, tales of the Old West, and cross-cultural conflicts between white American settlers and Native American tribes, including the Navajo and Apache. This volume explores these and many other themes found in the works of such authors as Willa Cather, Cormac McCarthy, Larry McMurtry, and more. January 2016 | Print ISBN: 978-1-61925-842-6 | $105 Survival This volume examines survival in both literal and figurative terms to include such varied kinds of survival as physical, psychological, social, and spiritual endurance. Works represented include narrative nonfiction, poetry, short fiction, novels, plays, and films. The book, in short, explores a theme important to such key literary works as Homer’s Odyssey, Melville’s Moby-Dick, Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Elie Wiesel’s Night, as well as Jon Krakauer’s nonfiction work, Into the Wild among many others. September 2018 | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-920-8 | $105 Technology & Humanity Human engagement with technology has a deep history, as social progress and creative expression have long been connected with the development, deployment, and representation of what we recognize as technological products and processes. This volume explores the theme in such important works as Frankenstein, The Great Gatsby, The House of Seven Gables, and Neuromancer. September 2012 | Print ISBN: 978-1-4298-3739-2 | $105 Violence in Literature Our oldest stories are about conflict. This collection draws together discussions of violence in storytelling from a number of perspectives. Historical contexts range from ancient Greece to postcolonial Africa to the American West, and topics considered include the role of the witness, how place affects our understanding of conflict, the aestheticization of violence, how trauma is written on the body, and contemporary war stories. September 2014 | Print ISBN: 978-1-61925-409-1 | $105 RECENT NEW! Fall 2018 RECENT RECENT RECENT All Critical Insights titles come with free online access (800) 221-1592 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! FREE Online Access FREE CRITICAL INSIGHTS: THEMES LITERATURE 47 47 47