BEST SELLER! Martin Luther King, Jr. This volume examines both the speeches and writings of Martin Luther King, Jr., highlighting a variety of interpretive approaches, including rhetorical analysis, close reading, and explorations setting King’s work in social, cultural, historical, and political contexts. Critical analyses offer an overview of important previous work on King’s writings and speeches while also making new contributions to the study of his written and spoken works. Race, class, and gender are closely examined, along with a discussion of the skill of King’s writing. January 2019 | Print ISBN: 978-1-64265-030-3 | $105 Stephen King For nearly forty years, King has fed our imaginations with spooks and monsters, from telekinetic teenagers, vampires, and malevolent clowns to space aliens, crazed fans, haunted hotels, and our own psyches. Despite being one of the country’s most commercially successful writers, critics have long been hesitant to welcome him into the pantheon of American literature. October 2010 | Print ISBN: 978-1-58765-685-9 | $105 Barbara Kingsolver This volume brings together a set of materials to serve both as an introduction to Barbara Kingsolver’s writings and as a guide to scholarly readings of her work. The volume begins with a general introduction to Kingsolver’s life and work that provides a context for the beginning reader. October 2009 | Print ISBN: 978-1-58765-642-2 | $105 Mario Vargas Llosa Beginning with Time of the Hero to the recent El héroe discreto, Vargas Llosa has created an unusually vivid and complex fresco of Spain’s twentieth and twenty first century’s political and social evolution. The articles not only provide an introduction to the Nobel Prize winner’s novels and essays, they also trace his artistic and political evolution, and place his works in their historical and cultural context. April 2014 | Print ISBN: 978-1-61925-401-5 | $105 Jack London Original essays include a discussion of the literary careers of Jack London and Mark Twain and a close examination of the critical reception of London’s works. Other essays discuss London’s use of Carl Jung’s Psychology of the Unconscious, his use of naturalism in his early works and the themes of androgyny in his novels, along with a biography and brief description of his works. September 2011 | Print ISBN: 978-1-58765-830-3 | $105 Gabriel García Márquez This collection of essays introduces the reader to the life and works of this Nobel Prize-winning author. With a biographical sketch and a wide range of critical analyses, this volume reaches far into García Márquez’s oeuvre and offers a panoramic view of its principal motifs and obsessions. October 2009 | Print ISBN: 978-1-58765-634-7 | $105 James McBride This volume discusses the varied work of James McBride, including his memoir The Color of Water and his National Book Award winning novel The Good Lord Bird among other works. The themes covered include: historical ties to World War II; the Civil War; his family relationships and unique upbringing. The volume provides in-depth critical analysis and close readings of his works. May 2018 | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-694-8 | $105 Cormac McCarthy A great starting point for students seeking an introduction to Cormac McCarthy, this volume discusses McCarthy’s life and rise to popularity, the critical responses to his work, and key themes surrounding his works. Titles discussed include The Orchard Keeper, The Crossing, No Country for Old Men, and The Road. September 2012 | Print ISBN: 978-1-4298-3725-5 | $105 BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! Spring 2019 CRITICAL INSIGHTS: AUTHORS Literature eBooks are also available - visit for more information All Critical Insights titles come with free online access (800) 221-1592 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! FREE Online Access FREE CRITICAL INSIGHTS: AUTHORS LITERATURE 30