One of Salem’s most popular series, Critical Insights distills the best of both classic and current literary criticism of the world’s most- studied literature. • Authors: highlight some of the most prominent novelists, dramatists, short story writers, and essayists from around the world. • Works: analyze a specific title from many different perspectives, selected from the most studied works in schools and colleges. • Themes: highlight the greatest works of literature, grouped together by the most studied and most popular literary and social themes. • Film: focus on a single film classic or a director’s body of work, providing detailed insight and contextual analysis. • Approaches to Literary Criticism: examine individual approaches to literary criticism–analyzing several works using that critical lens. Each volume offers 10-14 highly in-depth, yet accessible, essays that provide researchers with many avenues to learn about and study the subject. Content in each volume includes: • Critical Lens: a close reading of a work from a specific standpoint • Cultural & Historical Context: addresses the influence of the time period, and what makes the content relevant to today’s audience • Compare/Contrast: analyzes the subject in light of another work or author • Critical Reception: outlines major critiques and reviews of the work • Critical Readings: the heart of each volume–provides full analysis of key issues and interpretations of the subject Critical Insights provides authoritative insights and analysis suitable for students and teachers alike. Students come away with an enriched sense of the many ways the authors, works, themes, films and approaches can be studied, appreciated, written and talked about, making these important connections themselves with easy-to-use guidance. AUTHORS WORKS THEMES FILM APPROACHES IMPORTANT CRITICAL ANALYSES OF THE WORLD’S MOST-STUDIED LITERATURE Each print title from Salem Press comes with FREE online access that allows you to create a literature collection specific to your curriculum needs. With over 200 titles, this series allows you to build your own collection—in print and online—that aligns with your school’s or university’s literature curriculum. CUSTOM-BUILD A LITERATURE DATABASE FOR YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS “Overall, a fresh take on the classics and an excellent choice.” –School Library Journal “This is a valuable addition to academic libraries supporting literature students at both the undergraduate and the graduate level as it presents different views and more in-depth articles than those found in such series as “Bloom,” “Literary Criticism,” and “Contemporary Literary Criticism.” –Library Journal “Like the other volumes in this series, this one provides the necessary context to make an enduring classic accessible to students entirely unfamiliar with the text while offering interesting insights to those much more familiar with the work. Recommended.” –ARBA CRITICAL INSIGHTS “The diversity of the works studied and variety of critical approaches taken in the volumes in this series help make it a lively and most worthwhile compendium… Highly recommended.” –School Library Journal Thoughtful and accessible to high school and college students, these essays open the door to critical thinking and analysis that is a cornerstone for Common Core state standards as well as for success at the college level. Pages 25-33 Pages 34-41 Pages 42-48 Page 48 Page 23 (800) 221-1592 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! CRITICAL INSIGHTS LITERATURE 24