Cyclopedia of Literary Characters Fourth Edition “This is the place to turn when looking for information about a character from imaginative literature of the Western world.” —Reference Reviews, Gale Group This new edition examines more than 29,000 major characters from 3,500 important works of literature. New to this edition are 245 characters published in popular works of fiction from 2000 to 2013. This series offers readers the opportunity to become familiar with both famous and less- known personalities from classic fiction. These character descriptions can be used alone to begin researching character development and motivation in a novel, and can also be used as a starting place for analyzing a play or novel and its author’s writing style and technique. Articles are arranged alphabetically by book title and begin with ready-reference top matter information about the author and the book, including each book’s title, author’s name with birth and death years, date of first publication, genre, locale, time of action, and plot type. The characters are arranged by order of importance within each article. The central or key characters receive lengthy descriptions; supporting and minor figures receive less extensive treatment. Books by a given author that commonly are studied together are treated in a single article, allowing the user to study character development across the books. Three indexes are found at the back of volume 5, and are designed to help the user more readily access the text: Title Index, Author Index, and an alphabetical Character Index that lists the more than 29,000 characters described, using last names if those appear in the original works, or using first names or descriptions. February 2015 | 5 Volumes, 2,700 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-61925-497-8 | Library Price: $495 BEST SELLER! Cyclopedia of Literary Places Second Edition “Libraries that serve high school juniors and seniors and English literature undergraduates may wish to purchase for beginning literature studies students. Highly recommended.” —ARBA This second edition of Cyclopedia of Literary Places analyzes the use of place in over 1,400 literary works. Joining the Masterplots family of literary reference, it completes the foundation of sources for the three primary approaches to literary criticism: story (Masterplots), character (Cyclopedia of Literary Characters), and setting. This set offers in-depth discussion of the use of place in over 1,400 popular literary works. In total, over 6,000 places are covered. Titles that have been selected are those that best lend themselves to meaningful discussion of place as a literary device. Each article provides the full title of the work, the author’s name and vital dates, type of work, type of plot, time of plot, and date of original publication. A brief introductory paragraph explains where the work is set and comments on themes and patterns in the work’s use of place. Discussions within the entries focus on how places are used as literary devices within the novels, plays, or poems in which they appear. With so many descriptions of thousands of literary settings all in one easy-to-use reference guide, this updated edition of Cyclopedia of Literary Places is a must-have for academic libraries and literature programs around the country. April 2016 | 3 Volumes, 1,500 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-61925-884-6 | Library Price: $395 LITERARY CHARACTERS & LITERARY PLACES Literature eBooks are also available - visit for more information FIRST TIME ONLINE! This is the first edition of this title with free online access! FIRST TIME ONLINE! This is the first edition of this title with free online access! (800) 221-1592 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! FREE Online Access FREE FREE Online Access FREE LITERARY CHARACTERS & LITERARY PLACES LITERATURE 22