Salem Health: Cancer Second Edition Edited by Michael A. Buratovich, Ph.D. and Laurie Jackson-Grusby, Ph.D. AT A GLANCE • 4 Volumes; 1,500 Pages • 900 Articles • Sidebars, Tables & Charts • Photos & Illustrations • Associations and Agencies • Cancer Centers and Hospitals • Cancer Support Groups • Carcinogens • Drugs by Generic Name • Drugs by Trade Name • Glossary • Bibliography • Subject Index May 2016 Print ISBN: 978-1-61925-950-8 Library Price: $455 FREE Online Access FREE This updated edition offers new information about over 900 topics in cancer. Written by physicians, nurses, and professional medical writers, this important resource will also be of interest to public library patrons, premedical students, and those building collections for the patient population. The essays in this multi-volume set address diseases, conditions, symptoms, cancer-related syndromes, chemotherapy and other drugs and drug classes, cancer centers, genetics, the biology of cancer, medical specialties, tests, procedures, complimentary and alternative therapies, lifestyles, healthy and preventive strategies, and the many social and personal issues surrounding cancer, from cancer’s impact on minority populations to personal finances, insurance, personal relationships, and emotional coping. All essays range from one to five pages in length and contain information presented in one of six standard essay formats by type of topic: • Diseases and Conditions: Essays list “also known as” names and describe related conditions, risk factors, the disease process, incidence, symptoms, screening and diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. • Carcinogens: Essays list “also known as” names for the chemical or substance, cancers related to the carcinogen, exposure routes, principal places where the substance is found, populations at risk, symptoms to watch for, and a brief history of how we came to identify the substance as a carcinogen. • Drugs: Essays list the ATC code if one exists; the types of cancer, side effect, or other condition for which the drug is indicated; the delivery routes (such as pill form or injection); the way the drug works; and side effects. • Procedures: These essays apprise patients and their caregivers of what cancers are addressed, why the procedure is performed, how to prepare, aftercare, risks, and the range of results. • Medical Specialties: Essays identify not only the names of the specializations but also related subspecialists, the cancers they treat, how they are trained and certified, and the range of services and procedures they perform. • Social and Personal Issues: Includes essays on lifestyle choices, nutritional supplements, and complimentary or alternative therapies. BEST SELLER! HEALTH “One of the most common medical reference interactions involves patrons seeking information about cancer. Since medical research progresses rapidly, it is vital that librarians have current information. The second edition of this set offers an update of the 2009 edition, covering both the clinical and the biomedical research fields. This is a useful resource for public, college and consumer-health libraries.” –Booklist “VERDICT: this excellent book will be of interest to cancer patients and their caregivers, family members, and loved ones; nonprofessionals with a general interest in health; and biology, biochemistry, and premed students.” –Library Journal eBooks are also available - visit for more information (800) 221-1592 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! HEALTH 121