Biomes & Ecosystems “The articles are well written and cover the biomes and ecosystems in depth. Recommended as a good addition to high school and public library collections.” —Booklist These comprehensive volumes serve as a general and nontechnical resource for students and teachers to: • Understand the importance of biomes and ecosystems • Discover the biology and geography of these places • Learn the history of biomes and ecosystems • Be aware of the ecological importance of biomes and ecosystems around the world Biomes and Ecosystems is a comprehensive review of key biological and geographic classifications tied to the high school and college curriculum. The reference work covers the broad scope of biomes and ecosystems around the world, from puddles on the street to coral reefs in Australia, from rain forests in Brazil to the tundra in Siberia. Each article delves into the properties that make the subject a biome or ecosystem, and how those features work together. Especially targeted toward high school students and undergraduates, this outstanding reference work is edited to also make the content readily accessible to patrons of public, academic, and university libraries. April 2013 | Four Volumes | 1,400 Pages Print ISBN: 978-1-4298-3813-9 | Library Price: $395 FREE Online Access FREE Science BIOMES & ANCIENT CREATURES Ancient Creatures Edited by Spencer G. Lucas, Ph.D. “Logically organized and accessible with informed essays reflecting current theories based on the fossil record, this volume discusses the prehistoric creatures that students are most interested in. It is also full of color illustrations… that not only visually enhance the book but also provide useful information.” —Against the Grain From Abelisaurus to Zigongosaurus, each chapter includes key information either in chart or picture form that lists the name, pronunciation, and its meaning, as well as scientific classification, location of the fossil on a map of the world, estimated size in comparison to an average human, and the time period in which the animal existed. Extensive explanations follow, including classification, anatomy, reproduction and population, intelligence, diet, behavior, and habitat. Essays include new discoveries in paleontology, and current scientific classifications and usage, such as terminology to describe a dinosaur’s species or group, and also ways to determine a particular dinosaur’s intelligence. Each dinosaur has a 3-D CGI picture representation of what the animal would have looked like in its habitat. Written for upper-level high school and undergraduate students, this resource provides a wide variety of advanced scientific and biological information on these interesting creatures. October 2014 | One Volume, 700 pages Print ISBN: 978-1-61925-687-3 | Library Price: $235 FREE Online Access FREE BEST SELLER! (800) 221-1592 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! BIOMES & ANCIENT CREATURES SCIENCE 115