t ANCIENT WORLD & MIDDLE AGES – PRIMARY SOURCES & HISTORY History RECENT Defining Documents in World History: Middle Ages (476-1500) Defining Documents in World History: Middle Ages offers in-depth analyses of a broad range of historical documents and historic events that shaped law, government, religion, and culture throughout the Middle Ages. The material is organized under five broad categories: • Byzantium and Western Europe in the Early Middle Ages • The Catholic Church and its Vicissitudes • England and France • The Near East and Beyond • Philosophy, Religion, and Science An historical timeline, bibliography of important supplemental readings and maps will support readers in understanding the broader historical events and subjects in the period. An introduction for each of the major subjects covered in the title considers the significance of document analysis for students and educators. October 2015 | One Volume; 253 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-61925-773-3 | Library Price: $175 See Also: Great Events: The Middle Ages, pg. 76 | Great Lives: The Middle Ages, pg. 81 Defining Documents in World History: Ancient World (2700 B.C.E.-c. 500 C.E.) From Gilgamesh to ancient Egypt to the fall of Rome, this volume provides easy-to-use tools to engage, enlighten and provide students with a new frame of reference to study and analyze the most important documents from ancient history. This volume surveys key hieroglyphic writing and documents produced from 2700 B.C.E. to c. 500 C.E., organized under six broad categories: • Mesopotamia • Egypt and Environs • Asia: China and India • Greece • Rome • Distant Lands Through in-depth analysis of important primary documents from the ancient world, readers will gain new insights into the life and culture in ancient history. Designed for high school and college students, the aim of the series is to advance historical document studies as an important activity in learning about history. September 2015 | One Volume; 289 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-61925-771-9 | Library Price: $175 See Also: Great Events: The Ancient World, pg. 76 | Great Lives: The Ancient World, pg. 81 The Ancient World: Extraordinary People in Extraordinary Societies “VERDICT High school and undergraduate students of ancient world history will find this selection helpful. —Library Journal “Given the coverage and the scholarly detail, most libraries (secondary school, academic, public) will want this set.” —Booklist With in-depth analysis of civilizations, key figures, cities, cultures and daily life, these four volumes stretch beyond the boundaries of the classical world of Greece, Rome and Egypt, to include Egypt, China, the Near East, Europe, Africa, the Americas, and more. Each region-12 in all-begins with a number of Overview essays that discuss Art & Architecture, Religion & Mythology, Science & Technology, Warfare, Trade, and Transportation. Following the overviews are over 40 Life As essays that bring into focus day-to-day life as a Peasant, Soldier, Slave, Woman, Priest, Craftsman, Artist, Politician and Noble. Next, over 1,100 Descriptive Articles discuss a wide variety of people, places and things, including important Personages, Battles, Deities, Saints, Buildings, Places, and more. Coverage is broad in scope, yet easy to use, with guides for pronunciation, geography, word usage, and timelines included. Not only does the set provide encyclopedic coverage of the Ancient World and its civilizations, but it goes on to offer students and researchers new insight into what it meant to live in a specific time and place. No other reference tool provides this unique combination of material. January 2017 | Four Volumes; 2,354 Pages | Print ISBN: 978-1-68217-189-9 | Library Price: $395 FREE Online Access FREE FREE Online Access FREE FREE Online Access FREE BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER! See also: Defining Documents: The Ancient World, (above) Great Events from History: The Ancient World, pg. 76 Great Lives from History: The Ancient World, pg. 81 RECENT eBooks are also available - visit www.salempress.com for more information (800) 221-1592 www.salempress.com ANCIENT WORLD & MIDDLE AGES – PRIMARY SOURCES & HISTORY HISTORY: THE ANCIENT WORLD GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! HISTORY 72