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The 1950s in America  The 1960s in America  The 1970s in America  The 1980s in America  The 1990s in America  Civil Disobedience, Social Justice, Nationalism &  Civil Rights Movement  Defining Documents in American History: Civil War  Defining Documents in American History: Reconstruc  Defining Documents in World History: Pandemics, Plagues & Public Healt  Ethics: Questions & Morality of Human Actions, 3rd  Great Events from History: Women's History  Opinions Throughout History: Diseases & Epidemics  * Pandemics: The Invisible Enemy  Racial & Ethnic Relations in America  Treaties in the News  Ukraine & Russia  The Value of a Dollar, 1860–2014  The Value of a Dollar, 1860—2019  The Value of a Dollar, Colonial Era  Working Americans Vol. 10: Sports & Recreation  Working Americans Vol. 2: The Middle Class  Working Americans Vol. 3: The Upper Class  Working Americans Vol. 4: Their Children  Working Americans Vol. 7: Social Movements  Working Americans Vol. 8: Immigrants  Working Americans Vol. 9: From the Revolutionary W


Critical Insights: Good and Evil  Critical Insights: The Hero’s Quest  Critical Insights: Immigrant Experience, The  Critical Insights: Inequality  Critical Insights: LGBTQ Literature  Critical Insights: Literature of Protest  Encyclopedia of African-American Writing, Fourth Edition  Magill’s Literary Annual 2013  Magill’s Literary Annual 2009  Novels Into Film: Adaptations & Interpretations  Novels Into Film: Adaptations & Interpretations, Volume 2


Careers in Gaming  Careers in Public Administration  Careers in Writing & Editing  Careers Working with Infants & Children  Careers: Paths to Entrepreneurship


Magill's Medical Guide, 9th Edition  Principles of Health: Anxiety and Stress  Principles of Health: Nursing


Principles of Business: Globalization  Principles of Business: Leadership  Principles of Information Technology