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From time to time, events bring themselves into libraries and classrooms. Significant anniversaries, news events, broad issues and cultural phenomena send patrons and students to libraries in search of information and perspective.

Helping the Curious
In an effort to help librarians with their obligation to serve the curious and involved, we're beginning a program that posts free, relevant articles from our reference work. At least once a week we'll offer a few articles/chapters that will shed light on issues in the news.

Free Relevant News
You may download these articles freely, print as many copies of these articles as you need, and distribute them any way you'd like.

Easy Downloads
To download these files either a) double click on the article name (or icon) and then save the Acrobat file, or b) right mouse click the article name (or icon) and "save as" to your computer. For more information on the reference set from which the article was taken, click the name of the set.

May 3, 2011 - Osama bin Laden and the War on Terror

George W. Bush’s Address to the Nation on September 11, 2001:
       The Full Text & Analysis

      Milestone Documents in American History

Osama bin Laden’s Declaration of Jihad against Americans:
       The Full Text & Analysis

      Milestone Documents in World History

Osama bin Laden
      Great Lives from History: The Twentieth Century: 1971-2000

The War on Terror
      Weapons & Warfare

March 30, 2011 - Nuclear Power

Nuclear Energy
      Encyclopedia of Global Resources

Climate (various articles)
      Encyclopedia of Global Warming

Enrico Fermi
      Great Lives from History: Inventors and Inventions

Soviet Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Undergoes Meltdown
      Great Events from History: The Twentieth Century: 1971-2000

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