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The 2011 Award Winners
The 2010 Award Winners

Mirela Roncevic Our 2011 Judges are a mighty impressive group, volunteers and hard-working, too. Their insight and experience added a great deal to the process of selecting winners from among the nominees. To read a bit about each, click the judges

The Unquiet Librarian is the 2011 winner of the School Library Blog Award.

The following blogs were nominated for the 2011 Library Blog Awards (the winners are listed in bold):

General: Blogs providing broad discussions of library topics and trends, including reviews of books and products.

Librarian in Black
In the Library with the Lead Pipe
Books on the Knob
Library Juice
Read This!

Academic: Blogs targeting academic librarians and academic institutions

Preservation Underground
Here and There
Information Tyrannosaur
The Waki Librarian

Public: Blogs addressing the challenges and triumphs of public librarianship

Swiss Army Librarian
Librarian by Day
The Cataloguing Librarian
Thoughts from a Well-Rounded

School: Blogs covering topics relevant to school libraries and K-12 education

The Unquiet Librarian
The Blue Skunk Blog
K-M The Librarian
Shelf Consumed
Ms. Yingling Reads

Local: Institution-specific blogs promoting the interests of a public, academic, or school library

This Day in Athens
Shelf Talk
NYIT Library Channel
Cecil County Public Library
ICARUS: Santa Fe Public Library

Commercial: Professional blogs written for profit, generally tied to a trade publication

Neverending Search
Book Group Buzz
Library Love Fest
Annoyed Librarian

Newcomer: Blogs by next-gen librarians who have only recently started blogging

Library Renewal
Hack Library School
Eliterate Librarian
Joeyanne Libraryanne

Quirky: Character-driven blogs covering an array of library topics that defy categorization

The Daring Librarian
Eva's Book Addiction
All These Birds with Teeth
A Librarian's Guide
   to Etiquette

Abby the Librarian

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The following blogs may not be "new" but they are new to us.


Be Spacific
Sabrina I. Pacifici
Daily law and technology news with links to reliable primary and secondary sources on topics, including e-government, privacy, government documents, cybercrime and ID theft, the Patriot Act, freedom of information, and more.

Book Menus
Nathalie Harty
A blog about books that Nathalie reads ("at least once, often more") and "dissects," i.e., makes lists of many details from each book (e.g., food, drink, film, music, celebrities) that may help discussions, lessons, etc.

Book Patrol
Michael Lieberman
A blog that celebrates the book in all its forms. Michael has served on the boards of the Friends of the Seattle Public Library, The Book Club of Washington, and the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America.

Martyn Everett
Mostly reviews of books and Internet resources, but information about relevant conferences is also included, as are links to podcasts and more.

Catalogue & Index Blog
This is the blog of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals' Cataloguing and Indexing Group (CIG). Its goal is to provide news about cataloging, indexing, metadata, taxonomy design, and CIG events and activities.

Collocate & Disambiguate
Lois Reibach
Lois discusses news and trends in authority control and new uses of authority data. Developments in controlled vocabularies are also covered.

Concerned Librarians of British Columbia
An advocacy group of approximately 60 Canadian librarians with ALA-accredited MLS or MLIS degrees, formed in 2004, with the goal to raise awareness on current issues as they pertain to the profession.

Content Divergent
Robin Fay
Robin is an information professional who writes and teaches on metadata, identity, social media, and design. She is also a knowledge worker, consultant, "open-source fiend," social media advocate, magazine editor, and librarian.

Derivative Work
Laura Quilter
Laura is a librarian, lawyer, geek, and all-round information activist who blogs about information law and policy, science, the environment, atheism and religion, feminism and oppression, and authority and autonomy.

Exploded Library
Morgan Wilson
By a law librarian in a large Sydney law firm, whose posts tend to be more philosophical and theoretical, punctuated by the occasional practical post that is relevant to his current job.

Free Government Information (FGI)
The future of government information is in peril from many economic and political forces. FGI aims to raise awareness of the importance of government information and create a community with various stakeholders to facilitate an open dialog.

Googlizaton of Everything
Siva Vaidhyanathan
An entire blog on how Google is disrupting commerce, culture, and community. Siva teaches media studies and law at the University of Virginia and is the author of Googlization of Everything: And Why We Should Worry.

High Visibility Cataloguing
According to the founders of this blog, it is the cataloguers' responsibility to discover how their skills can be adapted in the 21st century; they need to attain new skills that will transport them into the future of metadata, and then, most significantly, tell everyone about it.

Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch
Kathy Schrock
Kathy has been an education professor, and a middle school, academic, museum, and public librarian. Here she shares her thoughts, discoveries, and ideas primarily on educational technology topics.

Library Law Blog
Mary Minow & Peter Hirtle
Issues concerning libraries and the law-with latitude to discuss any other interesting issue. Note: not legal advice, just a dangerous mix of thoughts and information.

Library Lovers' LiveJournal
This is a fully interactive blog where librarians, library science students, and library aficionados from anywhere post on topics related to information and literature.

LIS News Blog
This collaborative blog is devoted to current events and news in the world of library and information science. A dedicated team of international bloggers scour the Internet for interesting and noteworthy stories.

Metadata, Cataloging, and Various Librarian-like stuff
A passionate exploration of the concepts related to metadata and cataloging. An expression of what this former cataloger sees as "the way of the world."

Miss Scarlett in the Library
Miss Scarlet
By a student in a Library and Information Technician program in Canada, currently taking part in 23 Things for Professional Development, a self-directed course that introduces tools for helping librarians grow professionally.

This blog explores topics for the modern library, including digitization, metadata, taxonomy, social media, design for seamless user experience, marketing, and sometimes just books.

Moving at the Speed of Creativity
Wesley Fryer
Wesley documents his journey of learning and collaborates with other educators and lifelong learners around the globe. The focus is on engaged learning, Web 2.0 technologies, digital storytelling, literacy, educational technologies, and more.

Open Reading
John Miedema
John writes about books, reading, libraries, and technology. His book, Slow Reading, is a concise review of research and concepts about the benefits of reading more slowly.

Organizing Chaos
By an information services advisor for a law firm who uses this space to record her reflections and write about libraries and librarianship, among other things.

Planet Cataloging
Jennifer W. Baxmeyer & Kevin S. Clarke
An automatically-generated aggregation of blogs related to cataloging and metadata, designed and maintained by Jennifer and Kevin.

Scarlettlibrarian's Blog
Venessa Harris
A general blog "about information management and library nerd stuff." Venessa is in the midst of getting her Master's in Library and Information Studies. She calls herself a 1940s freak, an artist, musician, and discerning tea drinker.

Solo Librarian
Michael Charlton
He requires books as he requires air. Michael is a "librarian, anarchist, and human" who also blogs at Circle A Librarian.

News and views on e-books, libraries, publishing, and related topics. TeleRead is, in a sense, a proposal for well-stocked national digital library systems in the United States and elsewhere.

Thoughts from a Library Administrator
Michael Golrick
Random thoughts of a former public library director, now back at the reference desk. Michael often includes information and insights about ALA and its processes. Sometimes he also includes personal reflections and assorted links.

Travellin' Librarian, The
Michael Sauers
Currently the Technology Innovation Librarian for the Nebraska Library Commission in Lincoln, Michael has been training librarians in technology for more than 15 years.

We Read Banned Books, and Other Stuff, Too…
Intellectual freedom is the right to read, view, hear, express, and discuss any idea on any subject. BCLA works to uphold these principles in libraries. This is the (unofficial) blog of its Intellectual Freedom Committee.

WebJunction is an online community where library staff meet to share ideas, solve problems, and take online courses.

Weibel Lines
Stuart Weibel
Ruminations on libraries, Internet standards, and stuff that comes to mind to Senior Research Scientist at OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) in Dublin, OH.

WorldCat Blog
WorldCat is the world's largest network of library content and services. WorldCat libraries are dedicated to providing access to their resources on the Web, where most people start their search for information. This is the network's main blog.

Writer Librarian, The
All about being a writer. All about being a librarian who writes. All about juggling writing and librarianship.


Cindy Trainor
Cindy is the Coordinator for Library Technology and Data Services at Eastern Kentucky University Libraries, where together with her staff she plans for, implements, maintains, and assesses technology in libraries.

Cliff Landis
Georgia State University's Web Services Librarian discusses the role of emerging technologies in libraries, social network sites, user-centered service, assessment, and the co-evolution of humanity and technology.

Cofee Code
Dan Scott
He is Dan: barista, library geek, and free-as-in-freedom software developer. He hacks on projects such as the Evergreen open-source ILS project and PEAR's File_MARC package . By day, he is the Systems Librarian for Laurentian University.

Copyright on Campus
Christine Ross
All about fair use in academia. Christine is licensed to practice law in the state of Illinois and currently works at the University of Florida's George A. Smathers Libraries as Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Communications.

Deepening the Conversation
Rudy Leon
A librarian and "free thinker" ponders questions of authority, technology, learning, and 2.0 in academic libraries. He is passionate about education but concerned about the state of librarianship.

Girl in the Moon
Katie Birkwood
Katie is "just another sensibly-shod musician librarian knitter." She is also a Rare Books Specialist at Cambridge University Library. Until recently, she worked on the Hoyle Project at St John's College Library, Cambridge, which she blogs about here, among other library things.

Habitually Probing Generalist
Mark Lindner
An Iowa-based, semi-retired librarian currently researching a workable theory of language and communication for library and information science here blogs about professional and personal endeavors.

Ian Clark Blog
Ian Clark
Ian is a "realistic student librarian working in an academic library." He reads, photographs, writes, blogs, studies, and cooks.

Jewish Studies at Columbia University Library
Michelle Chesner
New and interesting developments in Jewish Studies collections and research at Columbia University Libraries and beyond. Michelle is the university's Judaica librarian.

Law Librarian Blog
A group of editors and contributors keep readers of this blog frequently updated on all things law library, discussing tools and resources and everything in between.

Law Library Technology
David Holt
Electronic Resources Reference Librarian at Santa Clara University's School of Law discusses advances in legal technology, with a particular focus on law library services.

Library Hat
Bohyun Kim
Bohyun is a Digital Access Librarian at Florida International University, Medical Library, in Miami. She has worked in web services, e-resources management, digitization, reference, and instructional technologies.

Library Marginalia
Anne Welsh
Anne is a lecturer in library and information studies, with a background in law and health libraries. Her research interests include historical bibliography, cataloging, metadata, and digital humanities.

Andy Priestner
By Information and Library Services Manager at Cambridge University's Judge Business School, this blog aims to highlight day-to-day operational concerns, review and digest training and conference sessions, and examine the state of business librarianship as a whole.

Local Weather
Matthew Beacom
This Yale librarian is mostly interested in metadata, cataloging, and finding stuff. He has a particular interest in what is often called "descriptive metadata (or "access metadata"). Matthew also studies creative writing at Southern Connecticut State University.

Melissa in Stephenville
A blog by a catalog librarian and biological sciences liaison at Tarleton State University's Dick Smith Library. Her interests include watching Japanese anime, reading Japanese manga, and cataloging.

Jeffrey Beall
All about how a cataloger views and interprets the world. Jeffrey is a Metadata Librarian at the University of Colorado, Denver. His interests include the strengths of metadata-enabled search systems and the weaknesses of full-text searching.

The Librarian's Commute
Olivia Nellums
This reference librarian at a community college in southern New Jersey attempts to be part of, and contribute to, the library community through this blog. Libraries, technology, and higher education are the topics she mostly sticks to.

Thing Blogging
Celine Carty
Celine originally started this blog as part of the Cambridge 23 Things program in the summer 2010; she now mainly uses it to talk about cataloging.

Tom Roper's Weblog
Tom Roper
"An evergreen tree of diabolical knowledge." By a U.K. librarian who was Information Resources Development Coordinator for the Brighton & Sussex Medical School, then worked at the University of Sussex, and is now in further education.

Virtual Dave…Real Blog
R. David Lankes
This academic blog, written by associate professor at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies (who is also director of the school's Information Institute), reflects David's passionate advocacy for libraries and their essential role in today's society.


Analog Divide
Toby Greenwalt
A blog by a public librarian who examines the intersection of online technology with traditional library services. The term "analog divide" is a play on the "digital divide," which addresses the gaps in physical technology existing between one group of people and another.

Holly Hibner Blog
Holly Hibner
Holly is a public librarian in Michigan. Her interests are Reader's Advisory, roaming reference, technology, collection quality, and bibliographic instruction. She is also the co-creator of the Awful Library Books blog [in the Quirky category].

Library Speak
Gordon Yusko
Gordon’s mission is to offer a window into the changing world of libraries and get feedback from the public. He is a library consultant who has worked for the San José Public Library in California, the Legislative Library in British Columbia, and the Canadian federal government.

Loose Canon Librarian
Kate Sheehan
Kate is Open Source Implementation Coordinator for Bibliomation, a consortium of public and school libraries in Connecticut. She has also been the Coordinator of Knowledge and Learning Services at Darien Library and the Coordinator of Library Automation at Danbury Public Library.

Open Stacks
Greg Schwartz
Greg is a Library Systems Manager for the Louisville Free Public Library, "which is to say he handles day-to-day IT operations." His primary professional focus is a weekly interactive live Internet audio program called Uncontrolled Vocabulary.

The Other Librarian
Ryan Deschamps
Ryan is e-Learning Manager at the Halifax Public Libraries in Nova Scotia, Canada. He explores topics related to technology, ethics, public service, and education.

The Real Public Librarian
Random thoughts and reflections of a public library manager in regional Queensland, Australia.

The Strange Librarian
Julie is Statewide Coordinator for Maryland AskUsNow!, the state’s virtual reference service. Her focus is customer service, reference, and technology, but, as stated on the site, this is her blog and she can go off-topic if she wants to. And she will.

Voices for the Library
A group of U.K. public librarians aims to provide a balanced view of the service and the professionals who work in public libraries and to discuss some ideas for the way forward. From their site: "we aim to ensure future generations continue to enjoy access to free unbiased public libraries and librarians."

Yes To Know
Tony Tallent
Director of Literacy and Learning for the Richland County Public Library shares his thoughts, ideas, and actions "for going a little deeper in libraries and life." Tony works with library staff to make literacy and learning accessible to community members of all ages.


21st Century Collaborative
Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach
Sheryl is a 20-year educator who has been a classroom teacher, technology coach, charter school principal, district administrator, university instructor, and digital learning consultant.

Always Learning
Kim Cofino
A place to reflect on Kim's teaching and learning as an educational technology facilitator in international (English-language) schools around the world. Kim is the Technology and Learning Coach at Yokohama International School in Japan.

Bud the Teacher
Bud Hunt
Bud is an instructional technologist for the St. Vrain Valley School District in northern Colorado. He is a teacher-consultant with the Colorado State University Writing Project, a group working to improve the teaching of writing in schools via meaningful professional development.

The Busy Librarian
Matthew C. Winner
Notes from the life of an elementary teacher-librarian.

Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile
A blog by an infant bibliophile, "itching" to share her enthusiasm for books with the world.

Great Kid Books
Mary Ann Scheuer
Mary is a librarian at Emerson School, a public elementary K-5 school in Berkeley, CA. Her mission: to help parents find great books for their kids.

Heart of the School
Caroline Roche
This site celebrates and showcases the work of school librarians in the U.K. Its mission is encapsulated in this quote (prominent on the homepage): "Libraries should be the beating heart of the school, not mausoleums for dusty books."

In Linda's Library
A lot keeps happening in Linda's Library. This is the place to read about books Linda likes. (A few she dislikes may sneak in, too.) Find out about other doings, too, like author visits, contests, and various special events.

Library Hearted
Sarah Hinkle
Sarah explores the "lovely intersections of books, children, and libraries." After five years as a children's librarian, she is the Assistant Coordinator of Children's Services at Queens Library, NY.

Library Stew
By a school media "goddess" at a K-5 school outside of Atlanta, GA, who loves her "family, reading, the Boston Red Sox, and Jon Bon Jovi (although not necessarily in that order)."

Literacy Launchpad
By a Tennessee-based early literacy teacher, passionate about children's literature and coming up with creative ways to get children excited about books.

Serendipitous Librarian
By a teaching assistant in a high school library currently working toward a Master's in Library Science. Greg is attempting to maintain this blog with serendipitous comments and views about school libraries, technology, and more.

School Library Learning 2.0
This blog has been set-up as part of the CSLA (California School Library Association) School Library Learning 2.0 program to encourage "all of us" to learn about the emerging technologies reshaping the context of information on the Internet today.

A blog designed to support senior school literature programs and reading generally at The King's School, an independent boy's school in Sydney, Australia. It features everything from book reviews to critiques on new Web 2.0 technology.


Days and Nights of the Lipstick Librarian
Some librarians are complacent in their mousy stereotype, while others are brash and sexy and tell those stereotypes to shove it. The Lipstick Librarian falls squarely in the latter category... [from Get Degrees site]

Karen the Small Press Librarian
Karen Lillis
Karen is a writer of novels, poetry, short stories, creative nonfiction, and journalism. Her blog is all about books, bookstores, book tours, zines, queer literary venues, etc.

The Misadventures of Super Librarian
Blogging for truth, justice, and the right to read what you want since 2003. Wendy is a mild-mannered librarian and romance novel junkie by day and a kiss-ass super hero babe by night.

Mississippi Library Commission Reference Blog
About interesting and kooky things Tracy, Brandie, Greg, and Elisabeth find while looking for the answers to reference questions.

Screwy Decimal
Rita Meade
Brooklyn-based public librarian experiences "strange and wonderful" things in her line of work and shares them via this blog. All stories are true but tongue-in-cheek.

Succentorship Without Sneers
St. Evelyn
Qualifying Librarina in the Badlands of Strafforth who keeps up with social networking tools and all things library-related.

Tales from the Library
A place where everyone can share their "tales from the library"-be they good, bad, unexpected, scary, hilarious, horrendous, enlightening, or simply crazy. The author welcomes submissions from patrons and librarians alike.

Typo of the Day for Librarian
By a group of librarians from all over the world with a common interest: "keeping our online catalogs free of errors."

Gene Ambaum & Bill Barnes
Librarian Gene and cartoonist Bill began publishing Unshelved in 2002. It is a daily comic strip about real-life tales, as acted out by the fictional staff of Mallville Public Library. "Heros" include Dewey, a teen services librarian, and Colleen, an old-school reference librarian, among several others.


Blah, Blah, Blah Blog
Patricia Morris & Brad Ward
This is the official blog of the Northeast Florida Library Information Network (NEFLIN), a multi-type library cooperative serving over 500 libraries in northeast Florida. Patricia and Brad, both affiliated with NEFLIN, keep up with news on relevant events, conferences, and regional workshops.

The official blog of the Brooklyn Public Library, NY.

Cam 23 2.0
The online home of the Web 2.0 program for University of Cambridge's departmental and college librarians.

Frisco Public Library Parent Place
This is Frisco (TX) Public Library's online portal for kids and parents. The library's staff shares with the visitors "everything [they] can get [their] hands on," including homework help, notices about fun programs, library use, and more.

Queerest. Library. Ever.

A Reading Life
Since 2009, librarians at Everett (WA) Public Library have been writing about the books, film, music, and events that have been of interest to the staff and the community of the city of Everett, WA.

Shelved @ NYC
Five big (New York City) boroughs of library news. The site includes a useful events and workshops calendar.

UoL Library Log
An informal place for all University of Leicester Library staff to reflect on matters relevant to them. The goal is for this blog to become a knowledge-based resource for staff to refer to and form a template for future blog-based resources.


The Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) is a network of more than 4200 children's and youth librarians and children's literature experts committed to exemplary library service to children and all those who work with them.

Mary Burkey
Mary-a teacher, librarian, and audiobook addict-writes about listening, learning, and the joy of headsets. Booklist web site.

Cindy Dobrez & Lynn Rutan
Cindy and Lynn-middle-school librarians and longtime Booklist reviewers-prove that two heads are better than one when it comes to discussing YA and children's books.

Critical Mass
Commentary on literary criticism, publishing, writing, and all things National Book Critic Circle-related. Written by independent members of the NBCC Board of Directors.

Likely Stories
Keir Graff and editors from Booklist's adult and youth departments write candidly about books, book reviewing, and the publishing industry.

Libraries and Librarians
News about libraries and librarians, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

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