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Salem History

Salem History Salem provides access to its award-winning content both in traditional, printed form and online. Both uses are included in the purchase of Salem reference.

Any school or library with reference content included in the Salem Online database is entitled to online access to that content. This access is an inherent part of our product.

Salem History Series

The Decades Series
  1. The 2000s in America
  2. The Nineties in America
  3. The Eighties in America
  4. The Seventies in America
  5. The Sixties in America
  6. The Fifties in America
  7. The Forties in America
  8. The Thirties in America
  9. The Twenties in America
  10. more...


Defining Documents
  1. The American Revolution
  2. Civil War
  3. Emergence of Modern America
  4. Exploration and Colonial America
  5. Manifest Destiny & the New Nation
  6. Reconstruction & the Development of the Industrial United States
  7. The 1930s
  8. The 1920s
  9. World War I
  10. more...


Great Events from History
  1. The Ancient World
  2. The Middle Ages
  3. The Renaissance
  4. The 17th Century
  5. The 18th Century
  6. The 19th Century
  7. The 20th Century: 1901-1940
  8. The 20th Century: 1941-1970
  9. The 20th Century: 1971-2000
  10. Modern Scandals
  11. more...


Great Lives
from History
  1. The Ancient World
  2. The Middle Ages
  3. The Renaissance
  4. The 17th Century
  5. The 18th Century
  6. The 19th Century
  7. Notorious Lives
  8. The 20th Century
  9. Inventions & Inventors
  10. The Incredibly Wealthy
  11. Jewish Americans
  12. African Americans
  13. Latinos
  14. Asian Americans
  15. Scientists & Science
  16. more...


Milestone Documents
  1. African American History
  2. American History
  3. American Leaders
  4. World History
  5. World Religions
  6. more...

Salem Online: The Database
Salem's complimentary database, Salem Online, offers buyers of our printed historical reference complimentary access to that content online. It offers libraries a user-friendly interface and terrific online tools to enhance the value of this great reference source.

New Editions
While a substantial number of our current and past reference is available now, Salem will be updating some of this work in the future. When a title is updated, customers must purchase the new edition to have access to it online. Past editions - once replaced by revised editions - will not be available in Salem databases.

Ongoing Access
With the exception of new editions mentioned above, online access to your content is permanent. That is, it never expires, no matter how much or how little Salem reference you've purchased.

Also, note that this ongoing access is for all of the titles you own in the entire database. For instance, all of your library's titles in Salem Online, no matter how many you own, are available under this ongoing access policy.

Current Users
Thousands of schools, colleges and libraries currently use Salem's online platform to bring their patrons and students reference content online, in libraries and at home. Many others, who have qualifying Salem reference in their collections now, can activate and use that content online, at no cost. And, of course, new titles will be added to all our databases every month.

Complete Collections
Schools and libraries with incomplete collections of the Great Events, Great Lives, Decades or Milestone Documents series may buy all missing titles at the special "Collection Development" discount of 20% off the list price.

Easy Registration
Libraries and schools will find an Activation Number in the first volume of their Salem title. With this number, it’s easy to log on to Salem Online, register and get your library connected to this resource. The whole process takes only minutes, and our Customer Service department is ready to help every step of the way.

Intuitive Searching
Searching Salem Online can be as simple and direct or detailed and precise as users wish. Search results appear in a variety of user-defined ways, sorted and organized to help users find what they need, quickly. A Subject Index is also available, and hyperlinked cross-references abound.

Personalized Profiles for Every Patron and Student
Every individual user can establish a simple personalized profile to save important information such as articles, searches or citations. These personalized areas are complimentary and unlimited.

Unlimited Access
Every library with Salem Online provides an unlimited number of users access to the content. There are no restrictions on how many people can use the database. There are some restrictions on how many buildings are allowed access, however. See "Extraordinary Value" below.

Patron & Student Access
With a library card number (or some other identifying key) students and patrons can access all the functionality of Salem History from home. It’s easy for your library to set up and terrific for your users.

Extraordinary Value
The pricing, distribution and effective costs of this resource are remarkable. Smaller libraries and high schools will be able to provide extensive online history reference at a very low cost. Larger institutions, especially multiple-branch libraries, will find that a single set of the printed title will deliver online access at every branch. The print with electronic combination will make teaching research a more robust experience. (Systems with more than seven library buildings may require more than one printed set to allow universal access across their entire system. Please call for details.) And, having both forms available will provide those who prefer one over the other the resource they want.