Natural Disasters

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This well-illustrated and well-documented guide will be a boon to teachers and students in both school and college situations.
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This reference set will serve amply to support and enhance the science and social studies curriculum at the high-school level as well as to provide useful information for adult researchers. Recommended.

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Editors: Marlene Bradford, Texas A&M University;
Robert S. Carmichael, University of Iowa
November 2000 · 3 volumes · 1,038 pages · 8"x10"

ISBN: 978-0-89356-071-3
# of Pages: 1038
# of Volumes: 3
Print List Price: $331
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e-ISBN: 978-1-58765-409-1
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Natural Disasters

With the multitude of disasters around the world, the reader will find here specifics on many of them. Special attention is given to these catastrophic events and the impact they have had on economies, societies, and people. These disasters are organized by type: Avalanches; Blizzards, Ice Storms, Hail; Droughts; Dust Storms and Sandstorms; Earthquakes; El Nino; Epidemics; Explosions; Famines; Fires; Floods; Fog; Heat Waves; Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones; Icebergs and Glaciers; Landslides, Mudslides, and Rockslides; Lightning Strikes; Meteorites and Comets; Smog; Tsunamis; Tornadoes; Volcanic Eruptions; and Wind Gusts. The events covered in this set range in time from c. 65,000,000 b.c.e. (with a meteor strike) to 1999.