Careers in Law, Criminal Justice & Emergency Services

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May 2014 · 1 volume · 300 pages · 8"x10"

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Careers in Law, Criminal Justice & Emergency Services
Provides a thorough examination of the occupations and career paths in the growing fields of law and criminology. 

Written for high school and undergraduate students, this series will help students explore their futures, and set goals in these exciting fields.

This title examines 20 occupations in law and criminology. Careers covered in the text include

• Courts & Court Administration
• Judge & Attorney
• Law Enforcement & Investigation
• Corporate Security
• Computer Security
• Corrections

Chapters provide an inside-look at the career options within a particular profession, including:

• Overview: Sphere of Work
• A Day in the Life
• Work Environment: Physical, Human, Technological
• Education & Training: Schooling, Licensing, Adult Job Seekers
• Earnings & Advancement
• Areas with the Highest Employment Levels
• Employment Outlook
• Associations & Business Contacts to Jumpstart Networking
• Plus... Famous Firsts, Occupation Specialties, Skills & Abilities, Fun Facts
• Conversations with Real Professionals, including “What I Wish I Had Known”