Landmarks in Modern American Business

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3 Volumes; 892 Pages
127 Essays
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A useful, accessible reference set for high school students. Recommended.
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"Recommended." -- Booklist

September 2000 · 3 volumes · 892 pages · 6"x9"

ISBN: 978-0-89356-135-2
# of Pages: 892
# of Volumes: 3
Print List Price: $217
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e-ISBN: 978-1-58765-024-6
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Landmarks in Modern American Business address major developments in the evolution of American business and commerce in the 20th century, providing a unique perspective on history as a whole. The description of each event illustrates the many links between politics, culture, technology, and other fields.

Articles in Landmarks in Modern American Business cover a broad range of topics and are arranged chronologically by date of event, beginning in 1897 with the first publication of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and ending in 2000 with the much-anticipated Y2K Crisis. Reflecting the rapidly growing importance of computerization and electronic communication, this set also contains articles on the additiona of Microsoft and Intel to the Dow Jones Industrials in 1999, cable television's challenge to network television, and the impact of the Internet and the World Wide Web on American business.