Great Lives from History: Jewish Americans

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Great Lives from History

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Editor: Dr. Rafael Medoff
April 2011 · 4 volumes · 1,408 pages · 8"x10"

ISBN: 978-1-58765-741-2
# of Pages: 1408
# of Volumes: 4
Print List Price: $495
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e-ISBN: 978-1-58765-746-7
eBook Single User Price: $495

Great Lives from History: 
Jewish Americans

Covers 654 individuals from colonial times through the present, offering a fascinating perspective on Jewish history, both cultural and religious, in the United States.

Great Lives from History: Jewish Americans features 646 essays covering 654 people (including 124 women) from the eighteenth century to the present. The majority of the individuals included in this set have never been covered in this series before. Many individuals are household names, famous for high-profile professions in entertainment, politics, and business, while others have received less public attention but made important contributions to civil rights and science or helped pave the way for others in their community in areas such as education and sports. The subjects of these essays are Jewish Americans who undertook a wide range of endeavors from colonial times into the twenty-first century-coverage that is essential in any liberal arts curriculum.

Each essay is approximately 3 to 4 pages in length and displays ready-reference top matter, which offers easy access to biographical information, including the individual's name (with any other versions or alternate spellings), occupation (including nationality for immigrants), area of achievement, and dates of birth and death. Also included is a brief synopsis explaining the individual's historical or social importance. The body of the essay is divided into several sections: "Early Life" provides facts about the individual's upbringing and the environment in which he or she was reared, including his or her connection to Jewish religion and/or culture. "Life's Work" is a straightforward, generally chronological account of how the individual gained recognition in his or her chosen field, emphasizing the most significant achievements in the figure's life and career. "Significance" provides an overview of the importance of the individual's accomplishments, and discusses why it is important to study this individual. All essays conclude with notes for further research and cross-references to other essays in the set.

An alphabetically complete list of contents can be found in the front of every volume, as well as a pronunciation key. A multitude of sidebars provide key information on notable achievements, career highlights, and important causes. Appendixes include a Chronological List of Entries, a comprehensive Bibliography, a list of Research Centers and Libraries, and several lists detailing books, movies, and television shows that explore the Jewish American experience. Geographical, Personage, and Subject Indexes round out the set.

Important Subjects

  Abzug, Bella
Aleichem, Sholom
Alexander, Madame
Allen, Woody
Alzado, Lyle
Annenberg, Walter
Arendt, Hannah
Asimov, Isaac
Auerbach, Red
Bacall, Lauren
Bacharach, Burt
Baer, Max
Bernstein, Carl
Bernstein, Leonard
Bezos, Jeff
Bloom, Harold
Boas, Franz
Brandeis, Louis
Brice, Fanny
Brothers, Joyce
Bruce, Lenny
Capp, Al
Chomsky, Noam
Copland, Aaron
Davis, Clive
Davis, Sammy, Jr.
DeMille, Cecil B.
Dershowitz, Alan
Dylan, Bob
Einstein, Albert
Ellison, Larry
Emanuel, Rahm
Finkelstein, Louis
Friedan, Betty
  Friedman, Milton
Gehry, Frank
Ginsberg, Allen
Ginsberg, Ruth Bader
Glass, Philip
Glück, Louise
Goldberg, Rube
Goldman, Emma
Gould, Stephen Jay
Greenberg, Hank
Greenspan, Alan
Hirschfeld, Al
Hoffman, Abbie
Houdini, Harry
Kael, Pauline
Karan, Donna
King, Carole
Kissinger, Henry
Koch, Ed
Koufax, Sandy
Kubrick, Stanley
Kushner, Tony
Lauder, Estée
Lauren, Ralph
Leibovitz, Annie
Levy, Uriah P.
Libeskind, Daniel
Marx, Groucho
Miller, Arthur
Newman, Paul
Oppenheimer, Robert
Potok, Chaim
Resnick, Judith
Ribicoff, Abraham A.
  Rich, Adrienne
Rickover, Hyman G.
Ritts, Herb
Rivers, Joan
Roth, David Lee
Roth, Philip
Safire, William
Sagan, Carl
Sarnoff, David
Simon, Neil
Simon, Paul
Singer, Isaac Bashevis
Soros, George
Spiegelman, Art
Spielberg, Steven
Spitz, Mark
Steinem, Gloria
Strauss, Levi
Streisand, Barbra
Terkel, Studs
Tuchman, Barbara
Wald, Lillian D.
Walters, Barbara
Warner brothers
Wasserstein, Wendy
Weill, Kurt
Wiesel, Elie
Winchell, Walter
Wise, Stephen S.
Wolf, Naomi
Yalow, Rosalyn Sussman
Zukor, Adolph