Great Lives from History: Notorious Lives, Second Edition

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Great Lives from History

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ISBN: 978-1-68217-706-8
# of Pages: 1000
# of Volumes: 3
Print List Price: $395

Great Lives from History: 
Notorious Lives, Second Edition

Notorious Lives contains more than 600 essays about historically significant persons considered notorious. This second edition of the now-classic set from Salem Press's acclaimed Great Lives from History series makes this work available again, with up-to-date content that includes new, historically recent notorious lives--widely and unfavorably known.

These lives, although judged negatively in the main, nevertheless had (or have) historical impact. Judas Iscariot, Fidel Castro, the Marquis de Sade, Butch Cassidy, Benedict Arnold, Ted Bundy, Lissie Borden, Benito Mussolini, Bernie Madoff--they are all here, and more. The essays emphasize each figure's importance for historical study, their impact on law and law enforcement, on politics, on their significance in culture. Individual entries are dividided into 24 categories, such as "Assasins," "Biblical Villains," "Dictators," "Pirates," "Con Artists, Cheats and Frauds," and more. The coverage is comprehensive--from the ancient world to today's headlines. Each essay presents a biographical sketch followed by an assesssment of the idnividual's significance and influence, whether on the law, social reform movements, poplar legend, politics, or the arts.