Principles of Scientific Research

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August 2017 · 1 volume · 400 pages · Hardcover

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Principles of Scientific Research
Provides students and researchers with an easy-to-understand introduction to the fundamentals of scientific research.

Students and researchers need more information than ever on STEM content and the practice of science. Unlike any other resource, this new title delves into the world of scientific research, to give high school and undergraduate students a better understanding of concepts and theories behind scientific research across all disciplines. These easy-to-understand articles will provide students and teachers with instructional articles about each topic and provide a context for application and incorporation into their own scientific practices.

More than 100 entries explain these theories and concepts in easy-to-understand language, so readers come away with a better understanding of each topic and can then put that information to use. Entries are arranged under three broad categories, and include:

Statistics Methodologies includes Linear & Non-Linear Relationships, Correlational Modeling, Histograms, Significance Levels, Chi-Squared Test and more.
Research Methodologies illustrates ideas in Case Study Research, Completely Randomized Designs, Ethnography, Multiple Case Study, Split Plot Type Designs, Time-Series Designs, Cluster Sampling, and more.
• Theoretics of Research outlines theories of Comparative Research, Deductive Reasoning, Descriptive Research, Explanatory Research, Inductive Reasoning, Objectivity, Quantitative Research, and others.

These informative entries will inform and educate high school and undergraduate students on the fundamentals of research methods, practice and theory. This new volume will be a must-have source for high school and undergraduate libraries and science collections at all levels.