Principles of Physical Science

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Editor: Donald Franceschetti
February 2017 · 1 volume · 400 pages · Hardcover

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Principles of Physical Science
Provides students and researchers with an easy-to-understand introduction to the fundamentals of physical science.

This helpful resource provides high school and undergraduate researchers with a solid foundation to begin their study of physical science. The volume begins with a helpful introduction to the field, followed by over 100 detailed entries. Entries range from 1-5 pages in length and include a detailed overview of the topic, written in clear, understandable language. Entries also include key terms, related fields and are further supplemented with photos, illustrations, charts, models and diagrams.

Coverage in this volume is diverse, providing helpful guidance to the full spectrum of physical science studies, including:

• Properties & States of Matter
• Properties of Elements
• Chemical Bonding & Equations
• Gravity
• Force, Motion & Power
• Energy
• Electricity
• Magnetic Forces
• Heat & Temperature
• Nuclear Energy
• ... and so much more

This volume provides readers with the necessary information to learn about and fully understand the major concepts in physical science. This volume will be a welcome addition to science collections of all sizes.