Principles of Business: Management

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Principles of Business Series

The following titles make up the entire Principles of Business series:

Principles of Finance

Principles of Management
Principles of Marketing
Principles of Entrepreneurship

Forthcoming volumes in this series will focus on:
International Business

Editor: Richard Wilson
April 2017 · 1 volume · 110 Entries

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Principles of Business: Management
Provides students and researchers with easy-to-understand entries on hundreds of important terms, principles and concepts allow readers to develop a deeper understanding of the field.

Principles of Business: Management provides students and researchers with a solid understanding of the most important aspects of management, from leadership and operations to project management and entrepreneurship. An understanding of the fundamentals of management will serve job-seekers in all industries, alongside those who want to start their own business. Principles of Business: Management offers over 100 easy-to-understand entries covering the diverse field of business management. Entries include detailed coverage of:

• Business, Ethics & Society
• Competitive Strategy
• Copyrights
• Crisis Management
• Current Issues in Entrepreneurship
• Decision Making Under Uncertainty
• Disruptive Innovation
• Diversity in the Workplace
• Employee Selection
• Labor Legislation & Unions
• Negotiations
• Productivity
• Startup Incubation
• Teams & Team building

This new resource is a helpful tool for students and researchers who are just beginning their study of finance and need a solid background of the key terms and elements in the field. A must for all high school and undergraduate science programs.