Principles of Computer Science

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Principles of Science Series

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Principles of Computer Science

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October 2016 · 1 volume · 400 pages · Hardcover

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Principles of Computer Science
Provides students and researchers with an easy-to-understand introduction to the fundamentals of computer science.

The newest volume in Salem Press' Principles series, Principles of Computer Science provides students with an overview of the fundamentals of this popular field. Designed to provide users with a solid, easy-to-understand background to the key terms and subject matter of computer science, this volume introduces users to:

• Robotics
• Biometrics
• 3D Printing
• CPU Design
• Electronic Circuits
• Cryptography
• Software
• Internet Privacy
• Cloud Computing
• Digital Forensics
• Mobile Apps
• Computer Animation
• Programming
• ... and so much more

Principles of Computer Science is a helpful tool for students beginning to study computer science. This volume brings together the terms, concepts and applications into one accessible, comprehensive source that will provide a solid foundation for study and growth in the field. A must for all high school and undergraduate computer science programs.