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October 2016 · 2 volumes · 400 pages · 8"x10"

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Human Rights Innovators

Human Rights Innovators highlights hundreds of key figures who fought for human rights around the globe. These informative, in-depth biographies feature those activists who fought to end slavery and discrimination, promote the rights of women and children, and those whose mission is to promote peace, freedom and equal rights around the world. 

These extraordinary individuals include activists, writers, environmentalists, educators, religious figures, medical professionals, lawyers, political leaders, journalists, pacifists, philosophers, scientists and Nobel Prize recipients. Through the lives of these thought-leaders in the human rights movement, students and researchers will gain new insight into the figures and events that shaped the conversation regarding human rights issues around the globe.

Biographies represent a strong multi-ethnic, cross-gender focus. In addition to including individual's historical significance and leadership skills, readers will discover that many of the profiled human rights innovators demonstrated new and different ways of thinking for the time in which they lived, often impacting socil and political events of today. 

Human Rights Innovators, in two information-packed volumes, profiles over 200 notable figures, including Peace Activist and 2011 Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Leymah Gbowee; civil rights activist, Chen Guangcheng; neuroscientist and activist, Sam Harris; executive director of the Kensington Welfare Rights Union, Cheri Honkala; author and activist who spearheaded the Occupy Wall Street Movement, Kalle Lassn; anti-rape activist, Chouchon Namegabe; activist, John Prendergast; anti-racist writer and educator, Tim Wise; minister and activist, Lennox Yearwood; and many, many others.