Defining Documents in American History: Vietnam War (1956-1975)

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Defining Documents

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The American West (1836-1900)

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August 2015 · 1 volume · 400 pages

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Defining Documents in American History:
Vietnam War (1956-1975)
Provides readers with a new, interesting way to study the impact of the Vietnam War on American history. Through in-depth analysis of important primary documents from 1956-1975, readers will gain new insight into the causes, issues and lasting effects of this pivotal time in American history.

Defining Documents in American History: Vietnam War offers students a variety of tools of historical importance to study and analyze vital documents from the Vietnam War. From 1956 to 1975, the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong (aided by the Soviet Union, China, and other communist allies) fought a long, bloody war for control of South Vietnam against South Vietnamese forces (aided by the United States and other anti-communist allies). The war lasted twenty years and left countless causalities and severe destruction in its wake, sparking international anti-war movements and controversy about U.S. involvement.

Defining Documents in American History: Vietnam War provides detailed, thought-provoking analysis of:

JFK on America's Stake in Vietnam
CIA Memo on Vietcong Methods
The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
General William Westmorland on Military Operations
Testimony regarding the My Lai Massacre
Nixon on Bombing Operations in Cambodia
LBJ on "Peace without Conquest"
Martin Luther King, Jr.: "Beyond Vietnam"
The Antiwar Movement

An historical timeline and bibliography of important supplemental readings will support readers in understanding the broader historical events and subjects in the period. An introduction for each of the major subjects covered in the title considers the significance of document analysis for students and educators.

Each in-depth chapter guides readers with historical insight and comprehension. The documents included represent the diversity of ideas and contexts that defined social, political, and cultural subjects throughout this period in American history.