Salem Health: Adolescent Health & Wellness

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3 volumes
1000 pages
600 Essays
100 Photos
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July 2015 · 3 volumes · 1,000 pages

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ISBN: 978-1-61925-545-6
# of Pages: 1000
# of Volumes: 3
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Salem Health:

Adolescent Health & Wellness
NEW! A comprehensive, accessible resource covering all aspects of Adolescent Health & Wellness, including Drugs & Addictions, Going Online, Sexual Health, Health Myths, Your Mind & Body, and so much more.

3 volumes, including 1,000 pages
600 Essays and 100 sidebars and charts
100 Photos & Illustrations
Appendixes, indexes and resource listings

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This new title from Salem Health is a comprehensive guide for those experiencing puberty or those who want to learn more about the crucial development of adolescents from age 13 to 19. Adolescent Health & Wellness provides over 600 essays on the most important topics surrounding adolescent health.

Written by medical professionals, these easy-to-understand articles reach across nearly 20 categories of health related issues important to teens, including:

• Advice from Teens

• Nutrition & Staying Fit

• Disabilities & Disorders

• Relationships: Dating, Family, Friends

• Diversity

• School & Jobs: Skills for Success

• Drugs, Alcohol & Addiction

• Sexuality & Sexual Health

• Going Green

• Staying Safe

• Going Online

• Vaccines and Vaccination

• Grief & Loss

• Your Body

• Health: Diseases & Conditions

• Your Mind/Emotional Health

• Health Myths

• Infections