Earth Science: Earth's Weather, Water and Atmosphere

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8 Volumes
2,600 Pages
500+ Essays
500 Photos
500 Tables
   & Sidebars
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Editors: Joe Spradley,
David Kenneth Elliott,

Steven I. Dutch and
Dr. Margaret Boorstein

October 2012 · 2 vol.
650 pages · 8" x 10"

Includes Online Database with Print Purchase
ISBN: 978-1-58765-985-0
# of Pages: 775
# of Volumes: 2
Print List Price: $295
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e-ISBN: 978-1-58765-988-1
eBook Single User Price: $295

Earth Science
Earth's Weather, Water & Atmosphere
Two volumes from Salem's series, Earth Science, Earth's Weather, Water & Atmosphere is a brilliant exploration of the fluids on the surface of the earth and the gases that surround us. And the full content of the set is available online, free.

The interaction among these key elements of the Earth's nature is fantastically complex and intriguing. The work explores the evolution of these interactions during the earth's history, theories regarding the future of the atmosphere and oceans and specific causes and effects that are at work.

Designed to meet the needs of students in Earth science at the high school and undergraduate levels, these two volumes represent a focused, revised and heavily updated edition from Salem Press's five-volume Earth Science of 2001. Now more than ten years later, the updated editions (available as an eight-volume series or individually in two-volume sets) will provide students with clearly explained information on the most important and widely discussed issues relating to Earth science.

Earth Science: Earth's Weather, Water & Atmosphere, comprising over 125 lengthy essays on basic topics, is designed to provide an introduction to our latest understanding of the Earth.

All of the essays begin with ready-reference top matter, including a summary statement in which the contributing author explains why the topic is important to the study of the Earth. A listing of principal terms and their definitions helps to orient the reader to the essay. The text itself is broken by informative subheadings that guide the readers to areas of particular interest. An annotated and updated bibliography close each essay referring the reader to external sources for further study that are of use to both students and non specialists. Finally, a host of cross-references directs the reader to other essays that offer information on related topics.

At the end of every volume, several appendices are designed to assist in the retrieval of information. As mentioned above, the alphabetical list of contents lists all essays alphabetically by title, followed by page numbers. The categorized list of contents, more detailed than the general table of contents breaks the essays into useful categories to offer readers access to related essays. The set also includes more than 1,000 illustrations—tables, charts, drawings, and photographs—that display basic principles, phenomena and geological features of our world and the solar system.

For the first time, Earth Science will be available online through Salem's online platform, Salem Science. A single purchase of the printed set is all it takes to gain access to the entire eight volumes of Earth Science online. The subsets are also available online, free.

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