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...An impressive array of women's writings is discussed here -- these works could serve as a respectable 'best books' list or as a standard reading list on the topic of women writers. Libraries that purchase theMasterplots series will find this one a good addition, since women's literature sources are heavily requested.  -Booklist

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Editor: Frank N. Magill

ISBN: 978-0-89356-898-6
# of Pages: 2630
# of Volumes: 6
Print List Price: $525

Masterplots II, Women's Literature

Masterplots II, Women's Literature Series offers 536 essays that examine the rich tradition of fiction and nonfiction literature by women from ancient Greece to the late twentieth century. Classic feminist tracts from A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792), by Mary Wollstonecraft, to The Feminine Mystique (1963), by Betty Friedan, stand alongside the poetry of Sappho, the plays of Lillian Hellman, the novels of Jane Austen, and the historical texts of Barbara Tuchman. Female characters in plays, stories, and novels experience lives of silence and oppression, while real women tell their own, similar tales in letters, diaries, and autobiographies. Works by women writers from Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas are covered; twenty-six countries are represented.

The articles in Masterplots II: Women's Literature Series offer information about the works included in an easy-access format with helpful ready-reference features. Each article gives the author's name and vital dates, the type of work and the original publication date, including the foreign-language title and publication date where applicable. Essays that examine novels and plays also provide a genre category; identify the time period and setting of the plot, and present a list of the work's principal characters with brief descriptions. In addition, the articles on plays provide the year and location of the first production. The essays analyzing history texts, letters, memoirs, diaries and autobiographies offer information concerning time and location as well. 

This set includes four indexes at the end of volume 6 which aid the reader in finding articles of specific interest. The Author Index provides a list of all works by each woman writer who is represented. The Geographical Index allows the reader to search for authors by the principal country with which the author is identified. The Title Index offers a more comprehensive listing of titles covered, along with cross-references from foreign-language titles. To assist in comparing works of a similar kind, the Type of Work Index groups the works by genres within fiction and nonfiction; novels and plays are further broken down into plot categories.