Masterplots II: Poetry Series, Revised Edition

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8 Volumes
4,545 Pages
1,386 Essays
434 Authors Represented
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This edition, like all of the Masterplots series, is written in readable language best suited for high-school and undergraduate students. Poem analysis at the individual title level is difficult to come by. Recommended for public, school, and academic collections that can afford it.  -Booklist, Reference Books Bulletin

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Editor: Philip K. Jason,
    United States Naval Academy

ISBN: 978-1-58765-037-6
# of Pages: 4545
# of Volumes: 8
Print List Price: $499

Masterplots II, Poetry Series, Rev. Ed.

The eight volumes of Masterplots II: Poetry Series, Revised Edition contain 1,386 essays, incorporating 1,115 entries from previous editions and adding 271 entirely new entries on important poems by both classic writers such as Geoffrey Chaucer, Elizabeth Bishop, and Robert Frost to contemporary poets such as Maya Angelou, Adrienne Rich, and N. Scott Momaday. To eliminate duplication, poetry covered in the 1996 12-volume set Masterplots, Revised Second Edition is not included here, including 21 entries previously published in Masterplots II. Individual poems, both short and long, are featured, although several poetry collections receive coverage.

Each article begins with ready-reference information that includes the author's name and date of birth (and death, if applicable) and the date of the poem's first publication. For poems first published in a foreign language, the original title and date are given, as well as the name and date of the original collection and of the English translation. A summary called "The Poem" is followed by two sections that explore the work in depth. "Forms and Devices" examines the poetic devices employed and explores such concepts as language choice, meter, rhyme, point of view, symbolism, and other literary techniques. "Themes and Meanings" analyzes the main focus of the poetry and the poet's overriding concerns; this section often provides context by relating the work at hand to the poet's larger body of work.

The articles in Masterplots II: Poetry Series, Revised Edition are arranged alphabetically, by title. Three indexes at the end of volume 8 are designed to assist the reader in selecting articles of interest. Volume 8 also offers a Glossary of poetic terms and a Bibliography, which has been thoroughly updated with the latest scholarship on poetry in general and major poets in particular.