Identities and Issues in Literature

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The thematic index will help [readers] with the political approach and the general index will help them use the set for broader purposes.  -Reference Reviews

This set will be welcomed in high school, public, and smaller academic libraries, where the subject articles alone may provide necessary starting points for those students in search of an elusive term paper topic. If the articles prove too short for some titles or authors, then the suggested reading lists will certainly help point students in the right direction. The broad scope of this set makes it recommended.  -RBB/Booklist

Editor: David Peck,
   California State University, Long Beach

ISBN: 978-0-89356-920-4
# of Pages: 1104
# of Volumes: 3
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Identities and Issues in Literature

Changes brought about by the social upheavals of the 1960's and 1970's - including the Civil Rights movement, the women's movement, and the gay rights movement - have brought controversy about the validity, or lack thereof, of the canon, and what works belong in it; about diversity; about race and ethnicity; about women; about homosexuality; about religious diversity; about the university's role in promulgating this social change; or about what effects this social change has brought. Identities and Issues in Literature concentrates on how this great social change can be traced in the literature of North America. Its three volumes explore authors, works, and subjects related to North American and world literatures - of people of African, Asian, Canadian, European, Gay, Jewish, Latino, Lesbian, and Native American identity, for example. Issues regarding religion, disease, and regions are addressed.

Scope & Coverage
Topics covered include abortion and birth control, African American identity, appearance and identity, Asian American Identity, Catholicism, diaries and journals, ethnic composition of universities, feminism, the Harlem Renaissance, the Korean War, mixed race and identity, Native American identity, popular culture, and violence. The set's focus on issues that both unite and divide Americans encourages readers to compare, assess, and appreciate multiple perspectives.

809 articles encompass a comprehensive selection of the literature that has described the experience of the many who make up North America. The entries are arranged alphabetically. In all articles, the text focuses on the identity theme or relates the topic to the identity theme, thus providing the reader with a single source for recent scholarship on a large, complex issue in literature and literary criticism. There are three types of entries: author, subject, and title. All have bibliographic entries under "Suggested readings" and cross-references under "See also." Longer subject entries have annotated bibliographies. Two hundred sixty-four authors are represented and 424 articles about particular works are to be found here.