American Indian Biographies, Revised Edition

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Editor: Carole A. Barrett, University of Mary, and
Harvey Markowitz, Washington and Lee University
May 2004 · 1 volume · 623 pages · 6"x9"

ISBN: 978-1-58765-233-2
# of Pages: 623
# of Volumes: 1
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American Indian Biographies, rev. ed.

This volume is an expanded edition of Magill Choice's American Indian Biographies (1999). It includes all of the subjects covered in the first edition, adds 60 new essays, and replaces others with longer and more up-to-date essays, for a total of 391 essays. Moreover, the bibliographies in the original articles are updated through 2004.

American Indian Biographies, Revised Edition contains biographical sketches, ranging in length from 300 to 3,000 words, on figures in North American Indian history, extending from the arrival of European colonists on North American shores to the early twenty-first century. American Indian Biographiesexamines the lives of those American Indians who are the most widely studied in secondary schools, colleges, and universities.

These entries profile historical religious, social, and political leaders, warriors, and reformers, as well as contemporary activists, writers, artists, entertainers, scientists, and athletes. The best-known figures in Indian history and contemporary life receive articles varying from 1,000 to 3,000 words, the longer format allowing greater biographical depth and the presentation of fuller historical and cultural context.