Salem Health: Psychology & Behavioral Health, Fourth Edition

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Editor: Paul Moglia, Ph.D.,
South Nassau Communities Hospital, Oceanside, NY
April 2015 · 5 volumes · 2,500 pages · 8"x10"

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ISBN: 978-1-61925-543-2
# of Pages: 2488
# of Volumes: 5
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Salem Health:
Psychology & Behavioral Health

This comprehensive five-volume set covers notable theories, people, social issues, life stages, the physiology and anatomy of the nervous system, and various mental illnesses or conditions, all in a simple, easy to use A-Z format.

Five volumes, including 2,488 pages
593 Essays and 143 sidebars and charts
169 Photos & Illustrations
Appendixes, indexes and resource listings

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The publication of this five-volume set represents a substantial revision and update of Magill's Encyclopedia of Social Science: Psychology. The new encyclopedia covers not only the history of the field and the core aspects of behaviorism, cognitive psychology, and psychoanalytic psychology but also diagnoses, disorders, treatments, tests, notable people, and issues, including many popular concepts. Many of the newly added essays address how culture, ethnicity, and gender affect psychological theory and beliefs. They cover topics such as multicultural psychology and the effect of culture on diagnosis and look at groups as divergent as Latinos, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders, and the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities. Some examine gender differences, in particular gender roles and conflicts. Other essays examine important and developing issues in psychology, such as multiple intelligences, emotional intelligence, pharmaceuticals used in treatment, genetics, and the effects of hope, spirituality, and social support.

The essays in this set range from one to eight pages in length. Every entry begins with standard information, including any relevant dates, the type of psychology and the field(s) of study. Biographical entries also include an "Identity" line indicating nationality and specialty.

The text of each article offers a clear and concise discussion of the topic. An entry on a mental illness addresses its cause, diagnosis, treatment, and impact. An entry on a theory or school examines its origin, history, and current status. An entry on an organization covers its history and functions. An entry on a psychological test discusses its development and applications. A biographical entry focuses on the life, career, and contributions of the individual. Informative, descriptive subheadings divide the text of longer essays. All terminology is explained, and context is provided to make the information accessible to general readers. Every entry ends with a section "Sources for Further Study," with annotations that discuss the content and value of these secondary sources. All essays are signed by the author and conclude with a list of cross-references to related articles within the set.

Volume 5 contains eight appendixes, including a Glossary, an annotated general Bibliography, a Web Site Directory, a list of Organizations and Support, a Pharmaceutical List of generic and brand-name drugs grouped by their uses; a Biographical List of Psychologists with brief profiles of major figures; and a list of Notable Court Cases that mark important legal milestones in the history of psychology.

A Complete List of Contents, with cross-references, can be found at the beginning of each volume. At the back of every volume is a Category Index divided into sixty-one groups. Following the Category Index in Volume 5 are a Personages Index and a Subject Index.