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Critical Survey of Long Fiction
Science Fiction Novelists
An in-depth selection of articles from Critical Survey of Long Fiction, Fourth Edition.

Science Fiction Novelists is a single-volume reference that contains selected essays from Critical Survey of Long Fiction, Fourth Edition. Every article in this set was carefully selected by our editors to provide the best information available about the topic covered. The essays in Science Fiction Novelists discuss such influential writers as Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert A. Heinlein, and Ray Bradbury. See below for the complete Table of Contents.

Science Fiction Novelists Table of Contents

Science-Fiction Novel, The
Abe, Kobo
Asimov, Isaac
Ballard, J. G.
Bradbury, Ray
Butler, Octavia E.
Butler, Robert Olen
Calvino, Italo
Clarke, Arthur C.
Crichton, Michael
Delany, Samuel R.
Dick, Philip K.
Gibson, William
Heinlein, Robert A.
Herbert, Frank
Kavan, Anna
Le Guin, Ursula K.
Lem, Stanislaw
Lessing, Doris
Verne, Jules
Vonnegut, Kurt
Wells, H. G.

About Critical Survey of Long Fiction
Completely updated and expanded, Critical Survey of Long Fiction, Fourth Edition offers profiles of major writers of long fiction throughout history and the world, including analyses of their significant novels and novellas. It also discusses the novel in overview essays by time period, country, ethnicity, and genre, and provides valuable resource material.

All the original essays were evaluated for their currency, and 130 of them were replaced or substantially revised, in some cases by the original contributors. The sections "Other Literary Forms," "Achievements," "Biography," and "Analysis" were updated to include recent developments: new titles or awards, changes in residence or employment, and alterations in critical and popular reception. For these essays, one or more sections on specific novels or novellas were added.

This edition also provides 61 informative overviews in Volume 10 organized under the categories "Long Fiction in History," "North American Long Fiction," and "Genre Overviews"; eight of the essays are new.

The essays are arranged alphabetically by author. Each essay begins with full data on dates and places of birth and death, and a list of the author's "Principal Long Fiction." A brief overview of "Other Literary Forms" places the author in a larger literary context. Two longer sections, "Achievements" and "Biography," follow. "Analysis," the heart of the essay, describes the author's work in the long fiction form and examines it in terms of themes, typical concerns, characters, and motifs; several subsections on the author's most important works illustrate these themes. Finally, a "Further Readings" section lists authoritative, up-to-date resources.