Critical Survey of Drama, Second Revised Edition

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8 Volumes
4,662 Pages
602 Essays
Glossary of Terms and
Dramatic Awards List
Annotated Bibliography
Extensive Time Line
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...Rollyson has created a near comprehensive work of extraordinary value....It is easy to read, informative, and engaging.. -School Library Journal

This massive, masterfully done survey should receive serious consideration for acquisition by most mid- to large-sized public and academic libraries, even if re-working the book budget is necessary. -American Reference Books

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Editor: Carl Rollyson, Baruch College,
   City College of New York

ISBN: 978-1-58765-102-1
# of Pages: 4646
# of Volumes: 8
Print List Price: $499

Critical Survey of Drama, 2nd rev. ed.

Critical Survey of Drama, Second Revised Edition, combines, updates, and expands two earlier sets, Critical Survey of Drama, Revised Edition, English Language Series, published in 1994, and Critical Survey of Drama, Foreign Language Series, published in 1986. The eight-volume revised set contains a total of 602 essays, of which 538 discuss individual dramatists and 64 cover overview topics. The set also contains a listing of major dramatic awards, a time line of drama history, a glossary, and bibliography.

Of the revised edition's 538 profiles of individual dramatists, 79 are completely new essays--mostly on playwrights who have recently come to be regarded as established figures in the theater. In addition to the entirely new author profiles, more than 88 profiles have been updated and revised to include the authors' new works and achievements, as well as developments in their personal lives. The bibliographies in these and all other author profiles have been updated and annotated. Besides listing new productions and publications and honors and awards, these essays provide analyses of significant new works.

Each essay on a dramatist provides such ready-reference material as birth and death dates, and a list of the author's major dramatic works (with dates of first production and publication). Each essay opens with a brief survey of the author's publications in literary forms other than drama, a summary of the writer's professional achievements and awards, an extended biographical sketch that centers on the writer's development as a dramatist, and an extensive critical analysis of the writer's major dramatic works. Following this discussion is a list of major publications in fields other than drama and an annotated bibliography of critical works about the author.

Overview essays, which are arranged under broad subject headings, cover dramatic traditions in the United States, the British Isles, Europe, Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world, as well as various genres and techniques. Among the more than 30 new overview essays added to this edition are original articles on Native American Drama, American Regional Theater, Asian Drama, Southeast Asian Drama, Melodrama, Deaf Theater, Feminist Theater, Political Theater, and Gay and Lesbian Theater. More than 25 of the original overview essays have been updated to reflect current trends in the theater. These revised essays include African American Drama, Irish Drama, French Drama Since the 1600's, Chinese Drama, Australian Drama, Musical Drama, and Experimental Theater.