Magill's Medical Guide, 7th Edition

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5 volumes
3,000 pages
1,200 Articles
700+ Sidebars    and Tables
Over 400
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70 "In the News" Sidebars
Symptoms and Warning Signs
Pharmaceutical List
500+ "Diseases and Other    Medical Conditions" list
"Information Box" for Every    Disease
"Medical Journals" List
General Bibliography
Web Site Directory
Name Index
Subject Index
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January 2014 · 5 volumes · 3,000 pages · 8"x10"

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ISBN: 978-1-61925-214-1
# of Pages: 3000
# of Volumes: 5
Print List Price: $425
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Magill's Medical Guide, 7th edition
Covers diseases, disorders, treatments, procedures, specialties, anatomy, biology, and issues in an A-Z format, with sidebars addressing recent developments in medicine and concise information boxes for all diseases and disorders.

The publication of the seventh edition of Salem Press' bestselling Magill's Medical Guide continues the tradition of providing reference content in both printed and online form as a single product. Plus, the purchase of the printed set entitles a school or library to three years of complimentary online access to the Medical Guide's content.

Five volumes, including 3,000 pages
1,200 articles and 700+ sidebars
Hundreds of photos, illustrations and graphs
Appendixes, indexes and resource listings

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Since 1995, Magill's Medical Guide has had a reputation for providing general readers with the most authoritative yet accessible reference source that helps bridge the gap between medical encyclopedias and dictionaries for professionals and popular self-help guides. The Guide is a staple in high school, college, public and medical school libraries. A perfect mix of accessibility and depth, Magill's Medical Guide provides general readers with an authoritative reference. It is an up-to-date and easy-to-use compendium of medical information suitable for student research as well as general readers, including patients and caregivers.

Now in its seventh edition, Magill's Medical Guide contains 1,200 entries in five volumes. Many essay topics are completely new to this edition, and all entries from the previous edition have been evaluated and updated by a panel of Medical Editors to ensure their currency and accuracy, as needed. All cross-references to other relevant entries in Magill's Medical Guide have been revised. Every bibliography has been updated with the latest editions and sources, including Web sites for relevant organizations. All appendixes from the previous edition have been updated and checked for accuracy, and the "Medical Journals" list has been expanded to include standard title abbreviations, now serving as a key for users.


This edition includes 70 "In the News" sidebars that evaluate media stories about ongoing research and experimental treatments. These boxes both highlight the latest information and provide readers with a critical view of popular reports that may (or may not) prove crucial to the future understanding and treatment of certain medical conditions. The topics covered include chemotherapy targeting cancer stem cells, the Accord Trial concerning cardiovascular risks for type 2 diabetes, and new screening methods for Down syndrome.

Special features of this set include the "Complete List of Contents" at the beginning of each volume and "Entries by Specialties and Related Fields," and "Entries by Anatomy or System Affected" at the end of each volume. Volume 5 contains a "Glossary" of medical terms, a table of important "Symptoms and Warning Signs," an annotated guide to more than 500 "Diseases and Other Medical Conditions," a "Pharmaceutical List" with both generic and brand names, a list of "Medical Journals" by their standard title abbreviations, a "General Bibliography," a helpful "Resources" list, a "Web Site Directory," a "Name Index" of important figures in medicine, and a comprehensive subject index. For each disease and disorder, a concise information box lists causes, symptoms, duration, and treatments, acting as a quick reference tool for the reader.

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Salem Health is the free online companion to Magill's Medical Guidethat brings online reference to your library or school. The database is free with the purchase of the printed reference.

Magill’s Medical Guide is available as an online database free to all purchasers of the printed reference work. Virtually all of the content of the printed version is online, including illustrations and sidebars, indexes, appendixes, and other back matter.

Salem Health offers libraries a user-friendly interface that provides all the content of our printed resource. Along with the complete 1,178 articles, 700+ sidebars, hundreds of photographs, illustrations, indexes, appendixes, and directories, users get terrific online tools to enhance the value of this great reference source.

Libraries and schools will find an "Activation Number" in their printed volume ofMagill’s Medical Guide. With this number it’s easy to log onto Salem Health, register and get your library connected to this resource. The whole process takes only minutes and our Customer Service department is ready to help every step of the way.