Contemporary Biographies in Physics

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1 volume
360 Pages
32 Biographies
32 Photos
Personage Index
10 Historical Biographies of
   "Great Physicists."

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Editor: Donald R. Franceschetti
February 2013 · 1 volume · 360 pages · 8"x10"

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ISBN: 978-1-58765-996-6
# of Pages: 360
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Contemporary Biographies in Physics
Contemporary Biographies in Physics is a collection of biographies of "living leaders" in the field of physics.

A supplement to Salem Press's Careers in Science series, a career-focused series exploring the fields and occupations of physics, chemistry, and other sciences with an emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) occupations and outlooks, Contemporary Biographies in Physicsis a collection of biographies of "living leaders" in the field of physics. Culled from the pages of Current Biography, the monthly magazine renowned for its unfailing accuracy, insightful selection and the wide scope of influence of its subjects, these up-to-date profiles draw from a variety of resources and are an invaluable source for researches, teachers, students, and librarians.

Contemporary Biographies in Physics features 32 profiles of notable people in the field of physics. The coverage is broad and includes figures such as NASA astrophysicist Alan P. Boss, U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, oceanographic explorer Fabien Cousteau, theoretical physicist Brian Greene, Nobel prize winner Koshiba Masatoshi, astrophysicist Alica Soderberg, biophysicist Luca Turin and many more. (A full listing is below.) In addition, an appendix consisting of 10 historical biographies of "Great Physicists" is included, as well as geographical and personages indexes.

  Abrikosov, Alexei A.
Boss, Alan P.
Butler, R. Paul
Chu, Steven
Cousteau, Fabien
Davies, P. C. W.
Edwards, Helen T.
Emanuel, Kerry A.
Ericsson-Jackson, Aprille J.
Gray, William M.
Greene, Brian R.
Hansch, Theodor W.
Hayhoe, Katharine
Herr, Hugh
Heuer, Rolf-Dieter
Higgs, Peter
Iijima, Sumio
Jin, Deborah
Koshiba, Masatoshi
Lang, Robert J.
Levin, Janna
Mansfield, Peter
McKay, Christopher P.
Myers, Joel Norman
Nakamura, Shuji
Rahmstorf, Stefan
Randall, Lisa
Smith, Amy
Soderberg, Alicia
Spergel, David N.
Spiropulu, Maria
Turin, Luca

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