Contemporary Biographies in Hospitality & Tourism

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July 2014 · 1 volume · 300 pages · 8"x10"

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Contemporary Biographies in Hospitality & Tourism
Contemporary Biographies in Hospitality & Tourism is a collection of biographies of "living leaders" in the field of hospitality & tourism.

A companion to Careers in Hospitality & Tourism, Contemporary Biographies in Hospitality & Tourism is a collection of biographies of “living leaders” in the field. Culled from the pages of Current Biography, the monthly magazine renowned for its unfailing accuracy, insightful selection and the wide scope of influence of its subjects, these up-to-date profiles draw from a variety of resources and are an invaluable source for researchers, teachers, students, and librarians.

Contemporary Biographies in Hospitality & Tourism features 30 profiles of notable people in aviation, restaurants, recreation events, lodging, gaming and travel. The coverage is broad and includes figures such as chef and author, José Andrés; hockey executive, Brian Burke, celebrity chef and television personality, Tom Colicchio; CEO of Lifeway Foods, Julie Smolyansky; maitre fromager, Max McCalman; CEO of Campbell Soup Company, Denise Morrison and CEO; Co- Founder of Yelp, Jeremy Stoppelman and many more. In addition, an appendix consisting of 10 historical biographies of “Hospitality & Tourism Greats” is included, as well as geographical and personages indexes.