Contemporary Biographies in Communications & Media

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1 volume
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30 Photos
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10 Historical Biographies of "Media Greats."

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November 2013 · 1 volume · 300 pages · 8"x10"

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Contemporary Biographies in Communications & Media
Contemporary Biographies in Communications & Media is a collection of biographies of "living leaders" in the field of communications.

A supplement to Salem Press's Careers In series, a career-focused series exploring the fields and occupations of physics, chemistry, and other sciences with an emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) occupations and outlooks, Contemporary Biographies in Communications & Media is a collection of biographies of "living leaders" in the field of communications. Culled from the pages of Current Biography, the monthly magazine renowned for its unfailing accuracy, insightful selection and the wide scope of influence of its subjects, these up-to-date profiles draw from a variety of resources and are an invaluable source for researches, teachers, students, and librarians.

All articles begin with ready-reference listings that include birth details and concise identifications. The article then generally divide into several parts, including Early Life and Education, and Later Career, a core section that provides straightforward accounts of the periods which the profiles subjects made their most significant contributions to the communications and media industries. Essays are supplemented by biographies, which provide starting points for further research.

Articles are arranged alphabetically by last name. A general bibliography offers a comprehensive list of works for students seeking out more information on a particular individual or subject, while a separate bibliography of Selected Works of highlights the significant published works of the professionals profiled. A Profession Index lists the 58 professions covered in this volume and the individuals associated with each. An appendix consisting of nine historical biographies culled from the Salem Press Great Lives series introduces readers to professionals in communication and media of historical significance integral to the work and research the revolutionized these industries.

The coverage is broad and includes figures such as:

  • Finnish cellular industry executive, Sari Baldauf
  • Canadian magazine publisher, Tyler Brule
  • American Television Director, James Burrows
  • Italian telecommunications executive, Carla Cico
  • British fashion editor, Grace Coddington
  • American animator and producer, Seth MacFarlane
  • French mass media executive, Jean-Marie Messier
  • and many more

In addition, an appendix consisting of 10 historical biographies of "Media Greats" is included, as well as geographical and name indexes.

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Careers in Communications & Media explores the fields and occupations of science and other emerging fields, emphasizing STEM occupations and outlooks and green technologies where applicable. It contains over twenty profiles of branches or fields of communications such as Marketing, Journalism, Radio, Television, Broadcasting, Public Relations, International Relations, Labor Relations and over twenty corresponding occupational profiles that highlight a particular career within that branch or field.