Survey of American Industry and Careers

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6 Volumes
2,000 Pages
615 Illustrations
112 Articles
Subject Index
Web Resources
Employment by Industry: 2008 and Projected 2018
Fortune 500 Companies by Industry, 2009
Index of Industries by Career Cluster
Index of Jobs and Careers

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October 2011 · 6 volumes · 2,000 pages · 8"x10"

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American Industry and Careers
Comprehensive, in-depth overview of 112 core North American industries and related jobs and careers. Current though 2010.

Salem's six-volume Survey of American Industry and Careers provides in-depth overviews of 112 core North American industries and related jobs and careers, current as of 2010. Drawing on data from authoritative sources such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as well as private institutions, and written by authors familiar with these fields, these detailed essays address all aspects of the industries covered, from their history to the outlook for their future in the coming decade. The industries covered include those most important to the North American economy and range from manufacturing to e-businesses. The scale of these industries also ranges from those dominated by international corporations to those dominated by small businesses or individual enterprises. These are the industries that ground the American economy.

The scope of this set is broad, and includes newer industries such as:

Alternative Power Industry
Biofuels Industry
Computer Systems Industry
Environmental Engineering and Consultation Services
Internet and Cyber Communications Industry
Video, Computer, and Virtual Reality Games Industry

Organization & Format
Each of the essays is designed to introduce students and prospective employees to the industries by providing vital information and assessments in a standard, easy-to-read format. Essays begin with an Industry Snapshot, which includes the type of industries, the career cluster, any subcategory industries and related industries, the annual domestic and global revenues of the industry, and the number or numbers that identify this industry in the North American Industry Classification System from the U.S. Census. The Industry Definition follows. This section discusses the nature of the industry and its fundamental goals, purposes, goods and services. It also includes the history of the industry and how it has changed, as well as where the industry stands today.

The largest section of the essay is devoted to the industry's market segments. This includes an overview of market segments within the industry, whether small, midsize, large or more tailored to other market segments. Each market-segment section begins with the business sector (small, midsize, large or other) and contains the following information:

Potential Annual Earnings Scale
Clientele Interaction
Amenities, Atmosphere, and Physical Grounds
Typical Number of Employees
Traditional Geographic Locations
Pros of Working in a Small/Midsize/Large Business
Cons of Working in a Small/Midsize/Large Business
Typical costs, including payroll & benefits, supplies, utilities & taxes

Next follows the industry outlook, which identifies trends in the industry, details the benefits of employment or a career in the industry and discusses the increase or decrease in annual earnings, as well as the trends in earnings in the jobs and careers related to this industry. Lastly, each essay ends with list of related resources and a list of sources for further reading.

Special Features
Several ready-reference aids distinguish this set. There are 384 sidebars and tables that provide a wealth of information on occupation specialties, occupation profiles, projected employment, contributions by the industry to the economy, and the resources most commonly consumed by the industry. Volume six offers several appendixes including "Employment by Industry, 2008 and Projected 2018" and "Fortune 500 Companies by Industry, 2009" as well as a general-references sources bibliography, an industry-specific bibliography and a list of electronic resources. The volume ends with three useful indexes - Industries by Career Cluster, Index of Jobs and Careers and a complete Subject Index.

Jobs & Careers Featured

  Accounting Services
Advertising & Marketing
Alternative Power
Animal Care Services
Apparel & Fashion
Automobiles & Personal Vehicles
Batteries & Fuel Cells
Beverage & Tobacco
Building Architecture
Building Construction
Business Services
Civil Services: Planning
Civil Services: Public Safety
Coal Mining
Complementary Health Care
Alternative Health Care
Computer Hardware & Peripherals
Computer Software
Computer Systems
Construction Equipment
Corporate Education Services
Counseling Services
Criminal Justice & Prison
Day-Care Services
Dental & Orthodontics
Electrical & Gas Appliances
Electrical Power
Environmental Engineering
Federal Public Administration
Financial Services
Fishing & Fisheries
Food Manufacturing & Wholesaling
Food Retail
Food Services
Freight Transport
Furniture & Home Furnishings
Hand Tools & Instruments
Health & Fitness
Heavy Machines
Higher Education
Highway, Road, & Bridge Construction
Home Maintenance Services
Hospital Care & Services
Hotels & Motels
Household & Personal Products
Industrial Design
Internet & Cyber Communications
Landscaping Services
Legal Services & Law Firms
  Libraries & Archives
Light Machinery
Livestock & Animal Products
Local Public Administration
Mass Transportation Vehicles
Medicine & Health Care
Metals Manufacturing
Motion Picture & Television
Museums & Cultural Institutions
National & International Security
Natural Resources Management
Nuclear Power
Outdoor Recreation
Paper Manufacturing & Products
Passenger Transportation
   & Transit
Personal Services
Petroleum & Natural Gas
Pharmaceuticals & Medications
Philanthropic, Charitable,
   Religious, Civic, & Grant-Making
Plastics & Rubber Manufacturing
Political Advocacy
Postal & Package Delivery
Private Education
Public Elementary & Secondary
Public Health Services
Publishing & Information
Real Estate
Rental & Leasing Services
Residential Medical Care
Retail Trade & Service
Scientific & Technical Services
Health Equipment & Supplies
Shipbuilding, Submarines, & Naval
Space Exploration & Space Science
Spectator Sports
Sports Equipment
Telecommunications Equipment
Textile & Fabrics
Theater & Performing Arts
Themed Entertainment
Toys & Games
Travel & Tourism
Video, Computer, & Virtual Reality
Warehousing & Storage
Waste Management
Watches & Jewelry

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Employment by Industry: 2008 and Projected 2018
Index of Industries by Career Cluster
Index of Jobs and Careers

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