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Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues
September 2011 · 1 volume · 138 pages · 8"x10"

ISBN: 978-1-42983-669-2
Print List Price: $29.95

e-ISBN: 978-1-58765-920-1
eBook Single User Price: $29.95

Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues
Policy & Activism
An in-depth selection of articles from Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues.

Policy and Activism is a single-volume reference that contains selected essays from Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues. Every article in this set was carefully selected by our editors to provide the best information available about the topic. The essays in Policy and Activism discuss important environmental advocates such as Jacques Cousteau, Dian Fossey and Al Gore as well as key environmental movements like the Animal Rights Movement, the Green Movement and the Antinuclear Movement. See below for the complete Table of Contents.

Policy & Activism Table of Contents

Abbey, Edward
Adams, Ansel
Amory, Cleveland
Animal rights movement
Animal testing
Antinuclear movement
Audubon, John James
Back-to-the-land movement
Berry, Wendell
Bookchin, Murray
Borlaug, Norman
Brockovich, Erin
Brower, David
Brown, Lester
Bureau of Land Management, U.S.
Burroughs, John
Chipko Andolan movement
Commoner, Barry
Conservation policy
Convention on International Trade in
Endangered Species
Cousteau, Jacques
Darling, Jay
Earth First!
Echo Park Dam opposition
Ehrlich, Paul R
Endangered Species Act
Environmental law, U.S.
European Green parties
Federal Land Policy and Management Act
Fish and Wildlife Act
Foreman, Dave
Fossey, Dian
Franklin Dam opposition
Friends of the Earth International
Gibbons, Euell
Gibbs, Lois
Gore, Al
Green movement and Green parties
Hansen, James E
Hardin, Garrett
Inconvenient Truth, An

International Convention for the Regulation
    of Whaling
International Institute for Environment
    and Development
International Whaling Commission
Land-use policy
League of Conservation Voters
Lovins, Amory
Maathai, Wangari
McToxics Campaign
Marine Mammal Protection Act
Marshall, Robert
Muir, John
Nader, Ralph
National Audubon Society
Natural Resources Defense Council
Nature writing
Operation Backfire
Osborn, Henry Fairfield, Jr
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Pinchot, Gifford
Population-control movement
Powell, John Wesley
Public opinion and the environment
Rainforest Action Network
Sagebrush Rebellion
Sale, Kirkpatrick
Save the Whales Campaign
Schumacher, E. F.
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Silent Spring
Silkwood, Karen
Singer, Peter
Snyder, Gary
Sun Day
Union of Concerned Scientists
U.S. Climate Action Partnership
Watson, Paul
White, Lynn Townsend, Jr
World Resources Institute
World Trade Organization
World Wilderness Congresses
Worldwatch Institute
Zahniser, Howard Clinton
Category Index

About Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues
An up-to-date A-Z guide on science, policy, and social issues related to the global environment. The Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues assembles information from numerous fields of knowledge relevant to the study of the environmental issues, including biology, geology, anthropology, demographics, genetics, and engineering, and explains the interrelationships of these issues in easily understood terms.

All of the original essays have been evaluated for their currency, and many of them have been either completely replaced or substantially revised to reflect the latest information available. The Further Reading sections accompanying the essays have all been updated.

Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues contains alphabetically arranged articles that range in length from 300 to 3,000 words. They cover a wide variety of topics, including endangered animal species, air pollution, national parks, environmental legislation, oil spills, alternative energy sources, and global climate change. In recognition of the fact that people spend an overwhelming proportion of their time in human-made environments, essays also cover such topics as sick building syndrome, noise pollution, smog, and urban planning.

Each essay begins with a category subhead and the definition of the topic, along with any relevant dates. A brief summary of the environmental significance of the topic follows. Each article of more than 300 words has a list of suggested further readings to aid students who are seeking resources for more in-depth information on the topic at hand. All articles are accompanied by cross-references to related articles in the set, and every article is signed by the academics and other experts who wrote them. The title also includes nearly numerous photographs, charts, graphs, tables, and maps that illuminate the events and concepts detailed in the essays.

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