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PDF Click here to view an Adobe Acrobat version of the Plymouth Plantation section of this Defining Documents set. It includes:

Excerpts from Bradford's journal,
Of Plymouth Plantation
Overview, Significance, Biography
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The following titles make up the entire Defining Documents series:

Exploration and Colonial America

The American Revolution

Manifest Destiny & the New Nation
Civil War

The Making of Modern America

First World War

Roaring 20s & Depression Years

Second World War

Cold War & Contemporary Am.

Civil Rights and the Vietnam War

Table of Contents

Defining Documents in American History
Editor: Daisy Martin
December 2012 · 2 volumes · 800 pages · 8"x10"

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Defining Documents in American History:
Exploration and Colonial America
Defining Documents offers a broad range of historical documents on important authors and subjects in American history, with primary source documents, in-depth analysis, and comprehensive lesson plans.

Defining Documents is a new series from Salem Press. Each two-volume title, designed in consultation with an expert in the field, contains approximately 80 primary source documents with an in-depth critical analysis. Articles begin by introducing readers to the historical context, followed by a description of the author's life and circumstances in which the document is written. A document analysis, written by professional writers and historians, guides readers in understanding key elements of language, rhetoric, and social and political meaning that define the significance of the author and document in American history. Each title is organized by chapter themes, highlighting major ideas in the period.

The first title in the series is Exploration and Colonial America. It begins with a collection of exploration and colonial documents, including important journals of exploration, reports of New World settlements, early political tracts on self-governing. Also included are narratives on colonial life and slavery and indentured servitude.

Exploration and Colonial America, is arranged around six themes:

Journals of Exploration
Reports of New World Settlement
Early Political Tracts on Self Governing
Sermons and Narratives on Religious Life
Narratives on Colonial Life
Slavery and Indentured Servitude

Lesson Plans
An important supplement to each historical document is a carefully designed lesson plan, which follows national history standards for learning, to guide students and educators in document analysis and historical comprehension. Study questions, activities, and suggested author pairings will establish the legacy of documents and authorship for readers today. In addition, comparative analysis highlights how every document emerges from a myriad of social and political influences.

A historical timeline, maps, and a bibliography of important supplemental readings will support readers in understanding the broader historical events and subjects in the period. An introduction for each of the major subjects covered in the title considers the significance of document analysis for students and educators.

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