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Critical Survey of Poetry
September 2011 · 1 volume · 250 pages · 6"x9"

ISBN: 978-1-42983-666-1
Print List Price: $29.95

e-ISBN: 978-1-58765-917-1
eBook Single User Price: $29.95

Critical Survey of Poetry
Spanish Poets
An in-depth selection of articles from Critical Survey of Poetry, Fourth Edition.

Spanish Poets is a single-volume reference that contains selected essays from Critical Survey of Poetry, Fourth Edition. Every article in this set was carefully selected by our editors to provide the best information available about the topic covered. The essays in Spanish Poets discuss such influential poets as Rafael Alberti, Jorge Manrique, Pedro Salinas, and Cesar Vallejo. See below for the complete Table of Contents.

Spanish Poets Table of Contents

Spanish Poetry to 1400
Spanish Poetry Since 1400
Catalan Poetry
Alberti, Rafael
Aleixandre, Vicente
Bécquer, Gustavo Adolfo
Calderón de la Barca, Pedro
Castro, Rosalía de
Cernuda, Luis
Foix, J. V.
García Lorca, Federico
Garcilaso de la Vega
Góngora y Argote, Luis de
Guillén, Jorge

Jiménez, Juan Ramón
John of the Cross, Saint
Judah ha-Levi
León, Luis de
Machado, Antonio
Manrique, Jorge
Otero, Blas de
Salinas, Pedro
Unamuno y Jugo, Miguel de
Vallejo, César
Vega Carpio, Lope de

About Critical Survey of Poetry
Completely updated and expanded, Critical Survey of Poetry, Fourth Edition profiles major poets throughout history and the world, including analyses of their significant individual poems or collections. This new edition includes all poets from the previous edition and adds 145 new ones, covering 843 poets in total.

All the original essays were evaluated for their currency, and 133 of them were replaced or given substantial revision, in most cases by the original contributor. The sections "Other literary forms," "Achievements," "Biography," and "Analysis" were updated to include recent developments: new titles or awards, changes in residence or employment, and shifts in critical and popular reception. For these essays, material on one or more specific poems or collections was added.

For all essays, the bibliographies--lists of the poet's works and sources for further consultation--were revised to provide readers with the latest information. Every overview essay and its bibliography was brought up to date as well.

Essays begin with full data on dates and places of birth and death, and a list of the poet's "Principal Poetry." Next is a brief overview of "Other literary forms" and two longer sections, "Achievements" and "Biography." The longest section, "Analysis," discusses the poet's work and examines several poems. The final section includes a listing of other major works and a bibliography containing up-to-date resources. All essays are signed by the academics and other experts who wrote them.

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