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1 Volume; 302 Pages
General Bibliography
Chronology of Author's Life
Complete List of Author's Works
Publication dates of Works
Detailed Bio of the Editor
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The Critical Reception of
   The Great Gatsby

Other Elements
Table of Contents

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Critical Insights: The Great Gatsby
Editor: Morris Dickstein,
    Professor of English at the Graduate Center
    of the City University of New York

ISBN: 978-1-58765-608-8
Print List Price: $85

e-ISBN: 978-1-58765-609-5
eBook Single User Price: $85

September 2009 · 1 volume · 304 pages · 6"x9"

Includes Online Database with Print Purchase

Critical Insights: The Great Gatsby
Table of Contents

THE GREAT GATSBY, by F. Scott Fitzgerald
About This Volume, by Morris Dickstein

The Book and Author
On The Great Gatsby, by Morris Dickstein
Biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald, by Michael Adams
The Paris Review Perspective, by Jascha Hoffman

Critical Contexts
Gatsby in Context, by Jennifer Banach Palladino
The Critical Reception of The Great Gatsby, by Amy M. Green
"The Self-Same Song that Found a Path": Keats and The Great Gatsby, by
Dan McCall
Paradox, Ambiguity, and the Challenge to Judgment in The Great Gatsby
and Daisy Miller, by Neil Heims
Babbled Slander Where the Paler Shades Dwell: Reading Race in
The Great Gatsby and Passing, by Charles Lewis
Introduction to The Great Gatsby, by Ruth Prigozy
The Great Gatsby: Fitzgerald's Opulent Synthesis (1925), by
Robert Roulston and Helen H. Roulston
The Craft of Revision: The Great Gatsby, by Kenneth E. Eble

Critical Readings
"A World Complete In Itself": Gatsby's Elegiac Narration, by Dan Coleman
"A Fragment of Lost Words:" Narrative Ellipses in The Great Gatsby,
by Matthew J. Bolton
The Great Gatsby and The Obscene Word, by Barbara Will
Photography and The Great Gatsby, by Lawrence Jay Dessner
Color-Symbolism in The Great Gatsby, by Daniel J. Schneider
"Herstory" and Daisy Buchanan, by Leland S. Person, Jr.

Chronology of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Life
Works by F. Scott Fitzgerald
About the Editor
About The Paris Review

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