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Isabel Allende in Context:
   The Erasure of Boundaries

The House of the Spirits:
   A 20th-Century Family Chronicle

Other Elements
Table of Contents

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Critical Insights: Isabel Allende
Editor: John Rodden, University of Texas at Austin

ISBN: 978-1-58765-699-6
Print List Price: $85

e-ISBN: 978-1-58765-700-9
eBook Single User Price: $85

October 2010 · 1 volume · 384 pages · 6"x9"

Includes Online Database with Print Purchase

Critical Insights: Isabel Allende
Table of Contents

About This Volume
       John Rodden

Career, Life, and Influence
On Isabel Allende
       John Rodden
Biography of Isabel Allende
       Amanda Hopkinson
The Paris Review Perspective
       Michael Wood for The Paris Review

Critical Contexts
"Un puñado de críticos": Navigating the Critical Readings of Isabel Allende's Work
       Beth E. Jörgensen
The House of the Spirits: A Twentieth-Century Family Chronicle
       Charles Rossman
Maryse Condé and Isabel Allende: Family Saga Novels
       María Roof
Voices from the Political Abyss: Isabel Allende's The House of the Spirits and the Reconstruction and Preservation of History and Memory in 1970s Chile and Beyond
       Carrie Sheffield

Critical Readings
Family Systems and National Subversion in Isabel Allende's The House of the Spirits
       Sara E. Cooper
Magical Places in Isabel Allende's Eva Luna and Cuentos de Eva Luna
       Barbara Foley Buedel
Mourning Becomes Paula: The Writing Process as Therapy for Isabel Allende
       Linda S. Maier
The Metaphysics of Mother/Daughter Renewal in La casa de los espíritus and Paula
       Cherie Meacham
Isabel Allende, Fortune's Daughter
       John Rodden
La hija de la fortuna: Cross-Dressing, Travel, and Gendering the Self
       Nadia Avendaño
Self-Portrait in Sepia? Isabel Allende's Technicolored Life
       John Rodden
Isabel Allende in Context: The Erasure of Boundaries
       Linda Gould Levine
Archetype, Not Ideology: Isabel Allende's Balance of Opposites
       Vincent Kling
Z/Z: Isabel Allende and the Mark of Zorro
       Philip Swanson
Unscrambling Allende's "Dos palabras": The Self, the Immigrant/Writer, and Social Justice
       Luz María Umpierre
The Cultural Work of Magical Realism in Three Young Adult Novels
       Don Latham
"I Am Inventing Myself All the Time": Isabel Allende in Her Interviews
       John Rodden

Chronology of Isabel Allende's Life
Works by Isabel Allende
About the Editor
About The Paris Review

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