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For general information, tips and guidance in using this web site, click on the map below:

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Click Solving the Puzzle to go to our tutorial area for aspiring grant recipients.

This area of the web site is a starting point for searching or browsing grants and awards available to libraries across the United States. A range of national funding opportunities is included, both from foundations that have a long history of supporting libraries as well as those from corporations that support various library initiatives, especially community outreach, literacy, and school programming. Some are tied to government programs (e.g., The Laura Bush Foundation), while many others are tied to professional organizations like ALA (with sponsorships from publishers and library vendors).

There are a number of ways to navigate the grants on this web site.

Search Grants (and Awards)
Perform a simple search or narrow your options by deadline, eligibility, or category.

Browse by Grant Category
Categories include: Acquisitions & Collection Development; Community Outreach & Partnerships; Education & Continuing Education; Preservation & Conservation; Professional Development & Research; Programming & Events; Promotion & Advocacy; Rebuilding & Remodeling; Technology & Innovation; and Travel & Conference Attendance.

Browse by Purpose or Use
Locate grants by selecting one or more purposes at a time. The alphabetical list of 35 purposes ranges from "adult programming" and "attendance of AASL" to "subject-specific collection development" and "summer-reading programs."

Browse Grant & Award Calendar
Use this simple tool to get an overview of the deadlines, organized by category and then broken down by month. Only grants and awards with specific deadlines on their sites are included. Those whose deadlines are pending or who accept applications on a rolling basis are not on this list.

While this web site is focused on grants, there are a number of professional recognition awards that you may want to consider.

Search Awards (and Grants)
As with grants, search options may be narrowed by deadline and eligibility. However, there are no categories to choose from when searching for awards.

Browse National Awards
All professional awards on this alphabetical list (nearly 70 in total) are given for one of the following three reasons: recognition of a librarian; recognition of a library; or recognition of innovative programming.

Each grant is described in as much detail as possible, with emphasis placed on deadline ("ongoing" is used for cases where applications are accepted on a rolling basis), eligibility (school libraries, academic & research libraries; public libraries; or all libraries), amount (a precise figure is used if available) and purpose (i.e., the kind of projects the funds may be used for).

Clicking on the grant name at the top of each entry takes you to the organization's web site; clicking on Application Guidelines takes you to the portion of the site where instructions are given on how to apply or it may take you straight to the application form if available for downloading on the grantor's site.

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