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To search or browse national grants and awards, click the map above.

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Welcome to Salem's Library Grants Center, a free web tool designed to help librarians everywhere—whatever their level of experience—navigate the world of library grants.

At a time when the word "library" is inseparable from the phrase "budget cuts," librarians need help finding help. So we scoured the web in search of free funding for libraries and discovered that the options extend far beyond national and state opportunities. Hundreds of grants are available to libraries of all types from local foundations, family trusts, small and large corporations, professional organizations, and the publishing community.

Numerous web resources on grants already exist online. But most are general in scope. Those specific to libraries usually target a type of grant (e.g., professional association grants) or type of library (e.g., libraries in public schools). Our goal was to design a universal tool whose sole focus is library grants but with coverage that includes every type of funding available.

The Library Grants Center is divided into three main sections:

National Library Grants
Search and browse grants and awards available to all libraries by category, purpose, deadline, and more.

State Library Grants
Use the clickable U.S. map to open up your state's page and get information on how public funds are used in your state as well as what local foundations support libraries in your city, county, or region.

Library Grants: How-To
Navigate the intricacies of the grant application process by taking a quick tour, browsing an extensive (and interactive) list of Frequently Asked Questions, or browsing the various lists of Resources like books, web sites, newsletters, blogs, and more to enhance your grant education.

To learn about the editor of this site, and the librarians who contributed to it, click contributors.

Salem Press intends to keep this web site as current and complete as possible. Since grants are far-flung and changing, we will use this web area (and our Facebook page) to alert you to new opportunities. At the same time, we'd appreciate an email from you if you become aware of a grant or award that might interest your fellow librarians. Thanks in advance for your help.

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