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For general information, tips and guidance in using this web site, click on the map below:

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This area of the web site is designed to help you advance your knowledge of the grant application process. The three tutorial sections below reflect various levels of a librarian's grant experience.

This light-hearted "tour" through the journey—from the day an idea for a grant occurs until the day the proposal is accepted (or rejected)—shows that grant writing is both a technical and a human process, full of rules and laws that challenge and frustrate but also serve as a reminder that getting free money is a serious business.

This Q&A reference guide addresses some common grant dilemmas and helps you discover a plethora of grant articles, insider tips, diagrams, quizzes, sample proposals, and various templates scattered online and available to librarians at no cost.

Divided into six "format" categories for easier browsing, this section provides an in-depth overview of the kind of grant resources (over 100 in total) available to librarians to recommend to others or use in their own quest to obtain funding.

Grant Books
Handbooks, guides, writing manuals, and print directories.

Grant Web Sites
General web sites and those focusing on the writing process.

Online Grant Directories & Search Tools
Popular online tools used for locating public and private grants and foundations.

Grant Newsletters & Periodicals
A range of daily, weekly, or monthly publications whose focus is grants and nonprofit funding.

Grant Courses & Seminars
Classes, webinars, writing workshops, specialized grant lessons, and more.

Grant Blogs
Blogs about grants and philanthropy matters written by independent professionals or supported by organizations.

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